Chris Brown to Raz B: I’ll Sue Your Ass


Chris Brown plans to shut down a new book written by Raz B over gay claims.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown spends just as much time defending himself as he spends in the studio making hits these days. Rather it’s Country music stars going in on him about his abusive past in magazines and on stage, models and R&B singers slamming his performances on Twitter, or his recent falling out with ex-girlfriend Rihanna: he’s more defensive than any artist should have to be. With his recent climb back to music’s grace, he’s become an even bigger target as the public slowly begins to move on from that infamous night that left Rihanna battered and Chris the R&B heartthrob, a felon.

If that’s not enough, he now has to fight against gay rumors made by former friends who now suffer from lukewarm music careers.

Raz B, formerly of B2K, is rumored as having an upcoming book that will be making some shocking allegations. Some of the most shocking claims are centered on Chris Brown secret lifestyle.

The former B2K star is said to reveal that Chris Brown is gay, and said to make claims that he had an ongoing affair with singer Andre Merritt.

After the book was featured as a headline story on one of the leading urban gossip blogs, Media Take Out; Brown felt compelled to address the book’s nasty allegations on Twitter and rejuvenate his loyal fan base.

In a series of tweets that were deleted soon after, the singer says:

“Lying on someone in a book to sell it is called “defamation of character”! keep feeding people — and I’ma end up owning you and that book! RAZ B! God bless. My lawyers are handling it! Lol ima chill!”

This won’t be the first time Raz B has come under fire for “outing” famous R&B heartthrobs.

A few years ago, he made claims that he and other B2K members were sexually abused at the hands of their manager, Chris Stokes; and close friend singer Marques Houston.


  1. Raz B has some serious issues. I seriously hope he is not really planning on selling a book that can hurt so many people because he’s needing a little money. He’s been a complete mess ever since B2K ended. Just sad.

  2. Sue his azz Breezy. Tell all books are trashy and usually full of lies anyway. Why can’t Raz just take another shot at music instead of trying to out everyone? Focus on your career instead, well what’s left of it anyway.

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