So, Does This Mean Michelle Obama is a Beyonce Stan?


Michelle Obama a Beyonce stan?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

First Lady Michelle Obama has made it pretty clear that despite the venom spewed from the haters in most of the blog comment threads, she likes Beyonce. So much so that she continues to choose the pop star to aid her in her combat against childhood obesity and serve as celebrity endorsement for her husband’s current campaign on his quest for a second term of presidency.

And recently, the First Lady admitted that she’d even be Beyonce and trade places with the singer in another life. Yes, if Michelle Obama had the chance, she’d opt for the stage and sparkling outfits and ditch the stressful life of politics.

Beyonce made headlines yesterday after returning to the stage the first time since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter earlier this year.

The concert took place at the Revel Resorts in Atlantic City, and Beyonce’s performance has been praised notoriously by critics.

The concert was attended by 5,500 Beyonce fans, with 3 of them including Michelle Obama, and the two first daughters Malia and Sasha.

Onlookers said they saw the cheerful threesome singing along and dancing to many of Beyonce’s hits, including Love On Top.

The concert was a major one for Beyonce, but even more major since the First Lady herself was in attendance. Rightfully so, as the singer admitted this was the hardest she worked on preparing for any tour:

“Y’all don’t know how hard I had to work. I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on the treadmill, eating lettuce.”

And with Jay-Z’s recent tweet in which he claims his boo thing and wife is the “greatest entertainer in the world,” one has to wonder if he could be on to something. I mean she did manage to make a fan out of the First Lady.



  1. Love it. Beyonce deserves the love she gets from the Obama’s. Wish I could have been there. And I see y’all working on the weekends now. Get it!

  2. Of course she’s a Bey stan. She’s a successful, smart black woman who has a man. She can relate. Beyonce haters can’t seeing as they’re usually bum b-tches.

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