LaTavia Roberson Shades Michelle Williams After BeyChella

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Social media is still dissecting Beyonce’s epic performance at Coachella.

The praise has been thick but some have plenty to say about Bey’s mini reunion with DC3.

Apparently Latavia Roberson does too, but did so through an Instagram like.

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  1. Bey killed it. I’m sleepy as h-ll but she’s worth it.

    LaTavia still doesn’t understand that her messiness is why she got kicked out the group in the first place. Say what you want about Michelle but she’s always professional and that’s why she stayed in the group. LaTavia is just showing that even after all these years, she still got some growing up to do. She didn’t need to like that comment.

  2. People treat Michelle like a punching bag and it’s lame as f–k. She actually did a good job. She’s not the best dancer but Bey knows she can always count on her. LaTavia is just salty she wasn’t there.

  3. I honestly didn’t want to see any form of DC. DC3, DC4, DC5, none of them. I’m here for Beyonce as a solo artist. That’s when I became a fan.

  4. This is hands down Beyonce’s best performance ever. Just when I think she can’t outdo herself, she does! She really became a beast after she became a mother and that’s inspiring because people think women can’t get better in their careers after we have children. Bey is showing that we can do just that. As far as LaTavia is concerned, her liking this comment doesn’t surprise me. I like her but I do remember how she can be. But she shouldn’t be shady because I’m sure she would love to reunite with Bey for a performance one day. That won’t happen if she’s doing this kind of stuff on Instagram.

  5. Tavia watched the performance on the couch like the rest of us. So she can’t throw too much shade at Michelle.

  6. Michelle did good though. She’s not going to be like Beyonce. Or Kelly. Who cares? At least she can sing. I love her voice.

  7. Look, I loved the original Destiny’s Child. I prefer them over the current one but even I think this was wrong. I know this kind of stuff hurts Michelle’s feelings. And she never did anything to LaTavia so why even go there? Be happy for her and be thankful you were a part of something historical at one point LaTavia. Have a little class.

  8. I can’t even focus on the pettiness. All I know is Beyonce shut it down! I’m so ready for the next era. She truly is one of the greats.

  9. I think Beyonce being such a great performer makes people want to scrutinize Michelle and Kelly at times. You can’t expect them to shut it down like Bey does because even Bey isn’t the performer she was back then. She really stepped her game up after she went solo. And she gets better with every era. That’s not normal. Bey is a monster. And people would be critiquing LaTavia too if she was performing on stage with Bey. She’s just a beast on the stage now.

  10. The choreography Kelly and Michelle did last night is much harder than anything DC4 ever did. How do we know LaTavia would have been able to keep up? Just saying.

  11. What I love about Bey is she doesn’t have time for this petty BS on social media. She works, and expresses herself through her art. I don’t like how it’s normal now to be shady and do the most on the gram. That’s all people do now. They shade instead of putting in work to become great at something. Btw, Ts Madison be doing the most now too.

  12. Michelle is the weak link performance wise in DC but let’s not get it twisted. She’s better than most of the young girls out today. At least she can sing live. And that’s just facts.

  13. Bey did that just perfection personified. And Latavia why just why was it really necessary smh? I’m embarrassed to say I know her personally.

  14. Really don’t understand why people feel the need to disrespect Michelle all the time. She’s helped make history as a member of DC and has money in the bank, something these s*** talkers can’t relate to. Let her be.

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