Fashion Flashback: Dookie Rope Chains

Only the flyest rocked the thick rope chains as apart of their wardrobe.

By: Taren Vaughan

When it comes to fashion, the 80’s definitely brought in some trends that seem to never go out of style. One of those being a sizeable piece of neck wear that was on everybody’s Christmas list at that time. The original “bling bling”, rope chains, coined “the dookie rope chains”, emerged into the fashion world and became especially popular amongst those making their way into the music industry.

You couldn’t name an emcee out at that time who didn’t own a rope chain, at least not a creditable one. Some of them even took it to the point of chain overload:

Only you Slick Rick.

Dookie rope chains weren’t reserved for men only either. Female Hip-Hop pioneers Salt-N-Pepa were walking fashion statements in themselves back in the day. And they were known for rocking the ropes in music videos, interviews, just about everywhere they were seen.

The dookie rope chains have made their way back on the fashion scene with the help of some notable rap artists. Some singers have joined in as well, reviving a fashion trend that lasted over a decade.

Nowadays, people have downsized their neck pieces, trading in the dookies for herringbones and link chains.

But back then, bigger was better when it came to what you wore around your neck. And if you didn’t own a dookie rope chain, then your sense of fashion was highly questionable.

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