Singer Kelly Clarkson Goes in on Beyonce

Singer Kelly Clarkson must not be a Beyoncé fan.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyoncé is making headlines again after her critically acclaimed first concert since becoming a mother to daughter Blue Ivy Carter. With a wide range of entertaining dance moves and glamorous costumes, Beyoncé is known for making entertaining the audience look easy and absolutely fabulous. Most would argue that the bulk of Beyoncé’s career stems from her ability to wow the audience with sassy dance routines and her many memorable stage ensembles; while her ability to belt out chart topping hits each album has kept her relevant in a business that tends to discard female artists like trash once they’ve made a couple of decent albums. Beyoncé has proven she is here to stay, and she’ll stay as long as she wants. But not every music artist in the business is feeling Beyoncé’s image and pathway to longevity in such a fickle entertainment industry that continues to suffer in an economy that just doesn’t seem to encourage buying CD’s anymore.

Singer and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is a traditional performer who doesn’t seem to believe in the image of the entertainer. While Clarkson has had many hits and undoubted success, she feels she owes her audience nothing but an amazing voice.

Known for her outspokenness, Clarkson took to an interview with People to voice her displeasure with entertainers and a music industry that encourages artists to have outlandish images:

“I don’t want to wear no stiletto. I am not a model and I am not Beyoncé. It is not going to happen. This is such a funny industry. Sometimes I turn on awards shows and pop stars are wearing alien costumes. I’m like, ‘That’s cool for you but ain’t no way in hell someone is going to convince me to wear that on stage. Not only can the music be formulaic, but the attire can be formulaic. Just like music, with style there is room for everything and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is that person’s thing.”

Meanwhile, even Beyoncé admits to the pressures of fame and the stress of preparing to return to the stage at her recent concert in Atlantic City. While on stage, Beyoncé revealed:

“Y’all have no idea how hard I worked!I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!”




  1. Why is she throwing shade? Some artists want to actually put on a show for their fans, even Michael felt that way. I appreciate any artist who wants to go out their way to keep their audience entertained. That’s the only way you’ll get money from me anyway in this economy.

  2. That’s ok Kelly because I would happily pay to see Beyonce perform before I’d pay to see you. And for the record, Kelly’s music isn’t THAT good for her to think she’s above actually learning to be interesting on stage. Adele can do it, but Kelly has a long way to go in that department.

    1. Sweetheart, Kelly can sing circles around Beyonce on her worst day. Beyonce is only king to you delirious fools. She is nothing without that Sasha Fierce crap she keeps channeling on stage. So she’s actually the lesser than. Got it?

      1. Oh I get it. It has to suck for the better singer Kelly Clarkson to have to bring up Beyonce’s name to get traction to her interviews. And it also sucks that the better singer as you claim can’t sell out venues or concert tickets in minutes. Life ain’t fair. You mad?

  3. This was unnecessary. And why did she call out Beyonce but wouldn’t name Lady Gaga? Let that woman do her Kelly. Women are so catty and ridiculous at times. She sounds jealous and insecure too.

  4. Who? Chile bye. Kelly hasn’t been interesting since she was a contestant on American Idol. She can sing, I’ll give her that, but I wouldn’t dare pay to see her boring a– in a concert. Nobody wants to pay premium price to watch a singer stand in front of a mic all day. Those days are over.

  5. Look at all you stans in this thread!!!!! Yall know good and well that everything Kelly said was true!!!!! Beyonce is overrated and wouldn’t be where she is if she didn’t act like a total slut on stage!!!!!!

    1. Do you have to scream every comment you leave on here? My goodness you’re so annoying and negative. Go have some drinks or something. smh

  6. Dig Kelly’s honesty, but she sounds like a hater. What is up with all these dudes and women in the business being so catty? And it’s usually after the same targets, the ones who have the most success right now. Not a good look.

  7. Beyonce has the worst effect on other women. But she keeps it classy and doesn’t seem to acknowledge the shade anyone throws her way. That’s why I love her.

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