Bobby Brown: Chris Brown Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

During an interview with MTV, Bobby Brown calls Chris Brown a ‘Church boy.’

By: A.J. Niles


Singer and entertainer Bobby Brown is singing the praises of Chris Brown. Bobby Brown, who is on a media blitz for his fifth solo studio album and on tour with New Edition, is showing tremendous praise to Chris Brown and other R&B singers that are currently popular.

In an interview with MTV, Bobby Brown says that the things Chris Brown did, such as being convicted of a domestic violence against Rihanna and sending nude pictures to his Twitter followers, is nothing compared to what he did.

“He’s good; he’s a church boy compared to me.”

Bobby Brown also seems to really respect Chris Brown’s singing and dancing abilities as well as his ability to still go out and perform despite supposed obstacles in front of him.

“Chris Brown is incredible. [He’s] an incredible dancer, incredible singer. I respect him a lot because he’s held his head up throughout everything that he’s been through. He’s only been through a little bit, but the boy is talented and you can’t take talent away. Talent is given from God, you can’t learn what he does. He’s a bona fide entertainer and he should be respected.”

If you look back at what Bobby Brown has been associated with, it has nothing on what Chris has done. For instance, Bobby Brown had to deal with a cocaine and alcohol addictions on top being an unfaithful husband to the late Whitney Houston. However, it’s a complete stretch of one imagination to compare the behavior of Chris Brown to that of a “church boy.” I seriously doubt a “church boy” would be calling an ex out on a track and Twitter as a hoe. A church boy would not even allow for rumors of infidelity with his ex to float around as well.

It is becoming obvious that Bobby Brown is just attempting to keep his name in the press so that his album Masterpiece could have any hope of selling. This is the kind of person that would write a tell-all book about his deceased ex wife.

We definitely have to take anything Bobby Brown says with a grain of salt.

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  1. Bobby may be worse, but Chris isn’t too far behind him. How the hell do you beat your girlfriend at the time’s face in and then drive off and leave her on the side of the road by herself?

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