Kim Kardashian Continues to Drag Beyonce’s Name Through The Mud

Why can’t Kim Kardashian let Beyonce be great?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue their non believable “relationship,” it’s clear that everyone else around them must continue to suffer through their shenanigans and ridiculous publicity whoring. Kim is no stranger to daily headlines, as the whole Kardashian clan is known in the industry to have one of the most relentless spin machines the media has ever encountered in the clutches of the reality television stardom era.

Kim Kardashian simply lives by the cameras, and naturally, most of her life is centered on keeping the cameras in front of her. What started off as a pretty dull sex tape has turned into a multimillion dollar empire, and now the entire world is forced to deal with the one reality television personality that just won’t go quietly into obscurity. Why should she have to when she already mastered the world of garnering publicity and keeping the public detesting her complete existence? Perhaps it is the hatred many have for this woman that is keeping her filthy rich. And unfortunately, this keeps Kim exactly where we don’t want her to be…in the press and on our television screens.

In her latest thirsty antics, Kim attended Beyonce’s comeback concert at the Revel.

Highly praised by critics as one of Beyonce’s strongest concerts, Kim felt the need to make headlines on what should have been the singer’s solo moment of glory since giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Instead Kim has made the entire evening about herself with her string of “sources” making comments on her and Beyonce’s new “friendship” to her desperate Instagram photos taken with Beyonce’s back up dancers, which were taken most likely without the singer’s knowledge.

Here’s the latest lies from Kim’s camp which has “magically” made their way to US Weekly:

Before making an appearance at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s resort in Atlantic City, NJ on Sunday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star made a beeline for Beyoncé’s concert with pal Brittny Gastineau and her makeup artist Mario at Revel’s Ovation Hall. Kardashian and Gastineau enjoyed a night of dancing and singing along with the songstress’ chart-topping hits.

Backstage, Kardashian, 31, got a chance to chat with the woman of the evening herself, and the pair were seen greeting each other with an embrace and dancing together. Beyoncé’s husband of four years, Jay-Z, is best friends with Kanye West, Kardashian’s serious boyfriend.

“Kim thought it was such a great show,” a source tells Us Weekly. “There’s always some random rumors there is tension between them and there totally isn’t! Kim had so much fun.”

So what’s the likelihood of this being true?

kim kardashian stupid


The Staff says:In her dreams.  Beyonce probably doesn’t hate Kim, but she damn sure can’t be friends with a woman she still hasn’t been photographed with.

In fact, Kim is a camera addict. Such an addict, that she has the same camera ready face (which annoys me) in her “genuine” photos taken while she follows Kanye around like a little puppy. But why didn’t she manage to get a picture with Beyonce, the person we are supposed to believe is her new bff?

If Kim was indeed real friends with Beyonce, she would have photographed that already, like she’s photographed everything else. There is nothing private about this chick, so why else would she there not be any photos with Beyonce besides the obvious…which is Beyonce still doesn’t want to be seen with this chick in public. How can one be friends with someone they don’t even want to take pictures with?

So in the meantime, let’s just call this one another desperate attempt from the Kardashian publicity machine.

Nice try though Kimmy.




  1. Beyonce ain’t thinking about Kim’s thirsty a–. She’s smarter than that and she will not allow herself to be used by that family. And I’m glad!

  2. When Kim uploaded the photo with the background dancer, I already figured she was reaching. Kim is obviously very sensitive and cares too much about what other people think. She knows Bey ain’t trying to get too close and that entire world knows this. Her ego is the reason she has her people trying to change the story. How pathetic is this chick.

  3. Kim’s name should be “No Water” because this chick stays THIRSTY. No one believes you Kim or your non-ethical gang of publicists. Have a seat woman.

  4. LMAO! How desperate is Kim?! What is she trying to prove exactly? I have never seen a celeb so weak before in my life. Everything she does and the motives behind it are so obvious. Kanye has the worst taste in women.

  5. I don’t like Beyonce, but she has every right to watch that tramp!!!! Kim has a reputation of sleeping with her “friends” men!!!!!! She has no kind of morals!!!!! This country shouldn’t have ever made her rich!!!!

  6. By now, it should be understood that anyone with the last name “Kardashian” shouldn’t be trusted. Even Beyonce, who has no kind of high school education, knows this.

  7. I really believe Kim would probably have a nervous breakdown if she ever became irrelevant like her old buddy Paris Hilton. Her dependence on fame is scary. Too scary.

    1. And that is exactly why Kim does the things she does. She doesn’t want to end up like Paris so she is doing everything she can to stay in the press. It’s annoying but the bish is smart.

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