Convicted Felon Claims Kim Kardashian Took His Virginity

A man with a rather interesting past files a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian claiming she took his virginity and wants her jailed.

By: A.J. Niles


Kim Kardashian is being named a defendant in a rather odd lawsuit. The person suing her is a man that is in possession of a very long rap sheet and sketchy past.

Jonathan Lee Riches is suing Kim for forcing him to commit credit card fraud as a way to pay for the current luxury lifestyle she is living now.

According to Radar Online,

“I have been in an intimate relationship with Kim Kardashian since 2001. I lost my virginity to Kim Kardashian on a Virgin Air Flight en route to the Armenian Hilton Hotel. I spent 125 months in federal prison for credit card fraud and identity theft and Kim Kardashian forced me to do fraud crimes to finance her lavish lifestyle and bankroll her career.

I borrowed Ray J’s camcorder and me and Kim Kardashian made 2 sex tapes with her in Gap clothing. I have those 2 tapes and all the photographs secretly saved at a YMCA gym locker in Philadelphia to show as evidence.”

Riches also claims his life is now in danger due to Kim and her family.

“Kardashian is now threatening my life since I got released from prison, telling me if I expose our relationship that she is going to get her sister Khloe’s husband, Lamar Odom’s basketball buddies to come hunt me down and stuff basketballs in my throat to shut me up.

I’m so scared, I’m whistle-blowing now, because Kim Kardashian should of went to prison for my crimes, I did it all for her.”

Riches filed over 2,600 individual cases against other celebrities as well. This list includes, George W. Bush, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart and even the Somali Pirates, according to the Christian Post.




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