Why Your Big Booty is Dangerous (Raw & Uncensored)

Just another column from an educated black man who doesn’t spare feelings or want women to be naive about the troubles of having a big booty.

By: Mike J.

I’m an a– man.

I love a curvy woman and I have a deep affection for a woman with an impeccable booty. In the black man’s mind, nothing can even compare to a woman with an amazing backside, and we’ll go to our graves with a strong appreciation for the curves and the perfect figures that is the physique of the black woman.

But our love for the booty doesn’t mean we won’t abuse that booty.

As a man, I can tell you that we are very visual human beings. Yes we adore your a–, yes we love your coke bottle figure, and yes we’ll say and do whatever we have to just so we can see you…naked. It is the visuals we get once we see your backside in notorious sex positions that make you worth pursuing. Not your personality and not your book smarts.

You ladies can put a man in a trance when we see it jiggle as we take you down from the back.

But that doesn’t mean we love you, want to love you; and it damn sure doesn’t mean we have good intentions. However, many of you take a little too much pride in your backside. A nice derriere doesn’t make you loveable. A nice butt is only good for some long and deep strokes in the doggy style position.

I’m not saying a woman with a big butt isn’t loveable. I’m just telling you that you have to understand that some men only want you for how they think you may look during sex.

And if that’s his plan, his interest will only be temporary. Once he accomplishes getting that intimate glimpse of what you are working with, after a few rendezvous, he will be out of the picture. On to the hunt for the next big booty.

If you continue to treat your a– as a prize, a tangible object one should pursue or earn, or a sexual object always on display, you’ll attract a man who’s only interest is to capture the one object you hold in the highest regard.

All those infamous pictures of you and your girls on Facebook sticking out your big old booties and tooting it up for the camera, and that special photo album you have on your iPhone make it clear to us what object is up for grabs.

So be careful with that booty, if you keep making it a  big deal, we’ll keep labeling you as just that jawn with the big booty. After all, isn’t that all you want to be known for anyway?

Don’t let those pictures get you in a category you don’t want to be placed in.


  1. Wow. Let me first say you make my Fridays! Thank you for keeping it real and telling us what we needed to hear. I have a nice butt and there have been many moments that I just felt like it’s the only reason a lot of dudes wanted to date me. Good to know I wasn’t crazy but actually on to something. lmbo!

  2. So what about women with just pretty faces or just big breasts? Couldn’t another woman’s body part get them in trouble too? I know you all heard of ladies with dsl’s, right?

    1. A big a– is the ultimate turn on to a black man. Not breasts. And most men are trying to wife the chick with the pretty face, not abandon them. Maybe I’m vain, but I wouldn’t be with or marry a woman I didn’t find physically attractive or with a pretty face.

  3. You would think this would be common sense but too many women are walking around here taking send out and posting these backshots (pictures) like they just want to be prayed on. We really have to watch they way we present ourselves. And this article explains why. Great read btw.

  4. My mom always told me if you look and behave like a sexual object, that’s exactly how men will treat you. I’ve never been one to make a big fuss over my behind, nor take a whole bunch of pictures of it to show everyone Facebook. I’ve always felt I was more than that. That’s just me though.

  5. I appreciate the honesty Mike. I have an older brother who hipped me to the game already though. I’m careful with how I dress and carry myself because I do want to get married. I think dressing mature and carrying yourself a certain way attracts guys who are marriage material. While doing the opposite attracts guys who don’t want more to do with you than sex.

  6. Women need to learn from their ancestors about how to carry themselves with more class!!!!!! Looking and acting like sluts on Facebook is not ladylike!!!!!! I’m tired of this new generation of sluts and video vixens!!!!!!!!

  7. I see your points and all but shouldn’t men take some responsibility. Why is it okay to pursue women just to have sex with them because they have a big booty? It’s childish to me and men need to have more responsibility. Why is everything always our fault?

    1. I’m not blaming women. But you have to understand that women tell men how they want to be treated by how they carry themselves. We’re not complex and we only go by what we see. If you’re treating your a– like it’s the most important thing on your body, you can’t be surprised if it becomes the only thing we want from you. And because you place too much attention on it, it becomes our mission and sole reason for dealing with you. I’m not saying it’s right but that is how most of us are wired.

    2. No disrespect Shayla but Mike’s just telling you how a lot of men think. I’m not perfect, and I have been attracted to women purely for sex because of their bodies. He wrote this because he’s trying to keep so many of you from getting played.

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