Lauryn Hill: I Did Not Come to Summer Jam for Nicki Minaj

Lauryn Hill lets her followers know via Twitter that she was not invited by Nicki & The Breakfast Club gives Hot 97 the Donkey of the Day Award.

By: A.J. Niles

Lauryn Hill used her Twitter account to let it be known that Nicki Minaj did not invite her to perform on the Summer Jam stage this past Sunday. She also tries her best not to step between the controversy between Hot 97 and Nicki Minaj. Lauryn wrote on Twitter:

No disrespect to Nicki, but I need to clear up an inaccuracy. I was not scheduled to be a special guest on her set at Summer Jam, I was invited by Nas to perform with him. I don’t have details on exactly what transpired between the station and the artists, but I do support artists standing by their beliefs, and walking with integrity. We have to find a better way to commercially exploit music, while giving artists their proper respect. This cannot be done while taking their contributions for granted, or trying to control the scope of their growth and power through threats and fear tactics. We can do better than this, there is a better way, or else ‘we’ (the proverbial we) find ourselves in danger of being hypocrites!!!

Nicki Minaj’s set was cancelled by YMCMB’s Lil’ Wayne after Hot 97 FM radio personality Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki during the festival pre-show earlier in the day.

According to MTV:

Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg voiced a negative opinion on Minaj’s “Starships,”calling the song “wack,” and adding that she was was no longer ‘real hip-hop,’ which started all of the trouble.

Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club morning show, hosted by Angela Yee, Charlamagne Da God and DJ Envy jumped into fray by proclaiming Hot 97 and Rosenberg “The Donkey of the Day.” The Breakfast Club says it is not professional for the station, that hired Nicki Minaj, to diss her being that they placed her in the headlining position to sell tickets.




  1. Oh whatever. She should be glad anyone still wants to perform with her with her terrible reputation lately. It’s not like she’s been reaffirming her “legacy” on stage these days.

  2. So if she didn’t invite Lauryn, how do we know she had those other rumored guest appearances scheduled? Perhaps Rosenberg and Hot 97 is right; she used this to back out at the list minute. I still think he needs to be fired for disrespecting the headline artist that you all booked to sell tickets.

  3. I know I’m not going to have the most popular comment on here but I’m just going to say the truth anyway. Who the hell is Lauryn Hill supposed to be? She’s in the same category as Erykah Badu, both are “fake deep” music artists. They have self righteous lyrics to only turn around and sleep with married men and have a whole tribe full of kids out of wedlock. But then they want to turn their nose up on other artists!? GTFOH! I remember when Erykah Badu did a whole interview on how she refused to do “ho sh-t.” Then she gets butt naked in a music video and does bath tub scenes in another. Oh and Ms. Hill is not any better. She messed with a married men for years and he still turned around and married a white woman, who didn’t have his kids! So no, Lauryn Hill is not any better than Nicki Minaj. Both are tacky for different reasons. Stop worshiping these baby mommas like they are deep! A few songs with good messages can’t undo bad decisions!

  4. I like Lauryn Hill but I don’t understand why people feel like they have to put down Nicki to uplift Lauryn. Females are so catty with one another and the music industry shows that perfectly. Every artists does not have to be a Lauryn Hill, some will be Lil’ Kims and Nicki Minaj’s. That is called diversity. If men can have it in the music biz, why can’t we? No one says that every male in Hip Hop has to be the same, yet every female in the biz has to be a role model. Stop with the BS ladies.

  5. GOOD FOR LAURYN…LAURYN is real hip hop..she don\’t f*ck with that manufactured nursery rhymin a– trick..GTFOH! Bad decisions or not LAURYN is the truth…Laury\’s bad decisions reinforces that she\’s human. Nicki is a reminder of the death of hip hop and a reminder of how our Society dumbed down considerably..nowa days people love to be spoon fed bull sh*t and reinforce stupidity as creativity. Hip Hop has devolved..and i blame the record company and the people who support Nicki\’s ass. now we have a generation of idiots who would rather rok with a artist whose clearly artificial than a woman who has always been about truth..yep she was late for some concerts but u bought the ticket right…cuz u know LAURYN is the truth. Nas invited LAURYN bottom line and Lauryn said it ever so elegantly. Don\’t drop bombs on the truth just to justify the many lies you\’ve been spoon fed…u chose to digest that shit and now u on here defending the worst (Nicki) of what music has to offer… whether she make money or not..f*ck outta here!

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