Nicki Minaj’s Summer Jam Set Could Have Ruined Lil’ Kim’s Comeback

Or I could just be a little bit dramatic. Either way, rumors say Nicki Minaj was going to send an official “F U” to the Queen B with her Summer Jam performance.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim continue their several year rap beef, the music industry is still placed in a position in which it seems it has come down to Old School vs. New School. Nicki has gone on to ultimate pop music stardom, though her new sound has alienated a majority of fans who supported the female rapper since her debut to the underground Hip Hop scene.

As reported recently, Lil’ Kim is currently on tour in which she is posed to make an official comeback to the rap game. Earlier last month, photos of the notable female rapper and rappers Eve, Missy Elliott, and Pepa from Salt and Pepa, hit the urban blogs and caused controversy. But Kim didn’t just stop with backstage photos with the ladies, she even invited them to perform with her during one of her shows.

Some Hip Hop observers took this to be Kim’s quiet way of taking shots at Nicki, as the pictures sort of read that Kim is still a big enough figure in Hip Hop that the female rappers from back in the day are currently on her side.

Nicki said nothing as the photos were immediately slapped up on every major urban gossip blog. But rumors have it she would indeed have an answer with her upcoming and eventually cancelled performance for Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

What were her plans?

Nicki had plans to bring out several major artists during her time on stage. One of them included Kim’s first nemesis, the one and only, rapper Foxy Brown.

Foxy Brown has been very vocal in her support for Nicki and continued disdain for Lil’ Kim. Not too long ago, Foxy told the media that she too would be recording a diss record to go after Kim. While the diss record never really popped off, she happily took Young Money’s Head Barbie’s invitation to join her on stage during Summer Jam.

And not only was Foxy going to be joining Nicki on stage, but so was Lauryn Hill and Nas, who are both considered two legends in Hip Hop.

This would have been the ultimate win for Nicki. Why? Well she would have Kim’s first enemy officially join her on stage, followed by the stamp of approval from two of Hip Hop’s legends, with one of them being one of the best female rappers of our time, Lauryn Hill. And everyone knows Lauryn doesn’t just perform with anybody. She has a reputation of being real strict about who she performs with on stage. She is also one of Nicki’s idols.

And in addition to what could have happened on stage, one must also take in consideration that Nicki has been endorsed by just about every major female rapper who paved the way, including Queen Latifah and MC Lyte.

The performance could have definitely made Kim’s recent pairings with Missy and Eve look very small with who she would have been on stage with her. Especially when even Eve said herself that Nicki was dope.

What do you think the performance could have done to Kim’s comeback?



  1. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nicki had motives behind inviting Foxy Brown on stage with her. There are even pictures of the two clubbing last night. This was definitely going to go down! I think no matter what Nicki does, Kim is finished. All this beef made her look really bad in the end.

  2. I just saw Kim’s tweets. Man she should have really stayed quiet because she looks like a hater again. I love Kim but this behavior is not the way to sell albums. When you’re old school, you have to show some support to the new school. Nicki’s fan base is huge. She could have tapped into them and sold some albums. But taking shots at Nicki has pretty much killed off any chances of barbies supporting her music.

  3. I agree with Gia. Kim’s career is already over. She came off too catty, even though everyone who knows Hip Hop knows Nicki ripped her style. The best thing Kim could have done was just end the beef and get back to the music faster than she did. Now it may just be too late.

  4. I’m not sure why Foxy is getting so crunk, she’s just as irrelevant as Lil’ Kim, if not more! She’s just happy somebody remembered she even existed. Sit down some where and try to refrain from attacking innocent Asian ladies Foxy.

  5. Nobody ruined Kim’s career but Kim. I still haven’t heard anything new from her on the radio or on the blogs. You can’t diss who’s hot and think the younger people behind the blogs will help you out in the end. Hot 97 is the exception, most radio heads are Team Nicki. I wish she would have gotten on stage and shut Kim’s old bitter mouthed behind down once and for all. This is getting stupid and Kim is looking stupid.

  6. These two need to stop and move on. I at least thought Nicki did, but I guess she didn’t. I loved Kim back in the day. Seriously I had all her albums and knew all the lyrics. But I’m almost 30 years old and I don’t want to hear another grown woman rap about sex and giving head on my way to work or while I’m relaxing at home. Yes, I do feel Kim’s time is up. Her core group is too old to listen to what she’s known for. Nicki is winning because she switched up her content. I can’t see Kim doing that.

  7. Nicki’s set would have been legendary. I could definitely see her droppin one massive diss to Lil Kim during the show setting off one epic rap beef between two female mc’s on the level of Jay-Z & Nas. It would have been great for hip hop.

    1. I just heard Nicki was going to have a full sized Lil Kim doll in a casket on stage. If she did that, this would have been bigger than Jay-Z’s diss on Nas and Prodigy at Summer Jam.

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