Things We Love: ‘Transition’ Documentary Puts Spotlight on Natural Hair

While some are quick to label natural hair as nothing short of a fad, filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa creates a documentary that proves it is a genuine movement for most black women.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As the natural hair movement continues to flourish within the black community, many black women are left wondering if the sudden change from relaxer dependency to the adoring of our God given textures will prove to be something so much bigger than a fad. For many, myself included, natural hair has been a lifestyle we’ve adopted and have grown attached to emotionally. As we all learn to embrace our curls and kinks, we also learn to lead even more healthier lifestyles, since many naturals also incorporate natural diets into their daily regimen.

Transition, an opinionated documentary created by Zina Saro-Wiwa , looks into how emotional and life changing the natural hair journey has been for a large group of black women. From the social networking aspects, the large natural hair blogging community, to nationwide meet ups; being natural has perks that included a tight knit sisterhood and the coming in to one’s skin.

As it is also revealed in the documentary, she herself thought natural hair would be nothing but a “phase” for her. But after cutting off her chemically straightened tresses and braids, she realized that she actually loved the feel and look of her natural texture.

And with the new hair came new confidence for Zina Saro-Wiwa. Turns out, she wasn’t alone. As the movement continues to spread throughout the world, black women are feeling more confident, bold, and beautiful with their natural hair.

Check out the short video below, and see how many black women continue to embrace a movement that has become greater than any fad and a life change that is more endearing than any we have seen in our culture for quite some time.


  1. I too am natural. I absolutely love being natural! It’s the best thing I could have ever done. My hair is extremely soft, healthy, and beautiful.

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