Solange Knowles Rants: I Am Not The Spokeswoman For Natural Hair!

Solange Knowles has a breakdown on Twitter, and finally lets the natural hair bullies have it, properly.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If it is one thing that makes the natural hair community a decisive one, it is the obsession with curl definition, and praising some hair types, while bashing others. And at center of the natural hair type division, there are the natural hair extremists (usually referred to as the natural hair nazis), who spend more time telling others what to do with their own tresses than actually taking care of their own hair. It is understandable that women would scour the internet and natural hair blogs for advice on a new lifestyle that they are adjusting to or while they search for the product line that works for their unique situation; but some people have just gone overboard and cannot seem to distinguish being helpful from being downright bossy. And this ladies and gentlemen, is what makes the beautiful natural hair journey very ugly and shallow at times.

Solange Knowles, sister to international superstar Beyonce, is learning now more than ever that being natural does not keep the shallow people at bay or keep them from writing the most disrespectful comments in the form of unrequested hair advice on your Instagram photos:

(Read from the bottom up)

solange knowles natural hair rant tweets

I have been a natural for almost 3 years and I can say without any hesitation that some naturals are annoying as hell. They give you hair advice without you even asking for it, they obsess over certain hair types while shading others, and they bring the same shallowness to the natural hair community that they created in the relaxed hair community. It is obvious by some of the comments on natural hair blogs that Solange tends to draw in a certain kind of “critic” that makes me wonder if natural hair has just become a status symbol to some people, when it was supposed to just be an alternative to relaxers.

And why should hair be such a big deal anyway, when some many women are losing theirs to cancer but surviving the true battle and becoming survivors. We worship our hair while they worship life.

I love my hair, and yeah I think it’s dope because it is mine. But I will not obsess over natural hair to the point that I am treating other folks’ hair like it’s on top of my scalp too.

There is a limit to being helpful and being bossy. And it starts with the very thin line of giving advice and forcing it. Rather women choose to relax their hair or go natural, it does not change the fact that it is their hair. And for that, their decisions to rock twist-outs and love the creamy crack is to be respected.

But can we all agree that telling Solange to rock twist-outs because her hair is not “curly enough” is stupid?


  1. I am so glad she said something about this finally. They stay going in on Solange about her hair. And it’s not just the self-hating folks, it’s naturals too. One texture isn’t better than the other and I can’t stand when we make it seem that way on the blogs. I even stopped going to natural hair blogs because the women on there are so critical and childish about one’s hair. And stop telling people what they can and can’t do with their own hair! Blah!

  2. Solo is annoying but I feel her on this one. Hair has become a bigger deal than it should be. The natural hair movement has it’s annoyances.

  3. Yeah people kind of made Solange the Natural Hair Spokesperson without even asking her first. She went natural because she wanted to, but it isn’t as deep to her as it is for others. I guess everyone just needs to respect that not everyone is obsessed with being natural, even if they are natural. BTW, I do love her hair.

  4. I love Solange, and not because of her hair. So I’m so glad that she stood up to the bullies. I hate when people try to tell you what to do with your hair. From people who have gone natural to people who get weaves & lace fronts. It’s not on your head! Let this woman live her life. My motto: “If you like it, I love it”

  5. It’s not easy going natural especially doing the bc dat’s why is such a big deal it’s an adventure cos dis generation are used to artificial tins and are to ashamed to embrace their race dat’s why is such a big deal

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