Katy Perry Wouldn’t Make Music With Rihanna, But Would Sex Her

Katy Perry may not want Rihanna musically, but sexually, she’s all in.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Pop stars Katy Perry and Rihanna have a very interesting friendship. The two celebrity BFF’s are both known for their outrageous images, interesting wardrobe choices, and carefree sexual beliefs. As the two stars continue to make substantial gains in music, it was only a matter of time before they started to get candid about one another in interviews. It seems as if Katy Perry, fresh from separation to husband Russell Brand, has beaten Rihanna to the push. In a recent interview, the singer decided to let loose on her sexuality, bedroom behavior, and ultimate fantasies. And as with any pop star in this over-sexualized pop culture, you’re not hip until you talk threesomes and lesbian in your impending interviews. Between this strategy and Katy’s interesting obsession with neon hair color, she is still relevant and a staple in today’s pop music.

During an interview with Wild 94.9, Perry was asked about rather or not she and Rihanna would ever collaborate musically and perhaps unite for pop star domination:

“No, but we’re gonna have sex.”

It is pretty evident that Katy Perry was doing her usual attention whoring and only joking for headline purposes, but one has to hope she does not side with the side of the American population that thinks Rihanna is better to look at and touch than actually hear singing. Rihanna’s famous BFF should be part of the segment of the public that still thinks her talent is just as interesting as her “gangstalicious” tweets to anyone who has the balls to mention her, or write articles on her iconic sense of fashion as of late.

Either way, I am pretty sure Rihanna is off somewhere not giving a f-ck and uploading more thug life pictures to her Instagram account. Ironically, this has made her more lovable.


  1. Sigh. These two try too hard. There’s nothing Katy or Rihanna can do to convince me that they like girls too. It’s like every female artist now has to act bisexual to get noticed. Whatever.

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