Surprise, Surprise: Grammys President Exposed for Trying to Cover up Racial Bias

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like the racially bias Grammy Awards is feeling the heat for the debacle they pulled last weekend.

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  1. A whole committee was put into effect because Lionel Ritchie won over Bruce Springsteen. The lengths they go through just to TRY to put out our light never ceases to amaze me. Smh.

    1. That’s why we as a whole, black artists and black people, have to stop giving them power. We have to stop watching and Beyonce/Rihanna/Drake/Kendrick, etc. need to stop going. I mean the Grammys isn’t even crucial to anyone’s career anymore. None of our artists even need them now. Thanks to streaming and social media, these award shows just don’t mean as much anymore. Especially when they refuse to get with the times.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all. They clearly wanted to send a message to Rihanna and Beyonce on Sunday. They are literally two of the biggest stars in music but they set out to embarrass them both on Sunday. I’m just glad that people are finally calling them out because maybe now we can finally stop keeping the Grammys relevant. Let it die off. Neither Bey nor Rih needs them anyway.

    1. Same. I’ll usually try to watch just the performances if I like the artist but now I won’t watch at all. I’m disgusted.

  3. F-ck the Grammys. They got the last little ratings they will ever get from me again on Sunday. And Beyonce and Rihanna better stop showing up to that bullsh-t too. I should have known some sh-t was going to go down when it was confirmed that Drake, Ye, Beiber and Frank were boycotting.

    1. I mean look what’s happening with radio. Black artists can’t get any play outside of urban stations. If it wasn’t for streaming, they would be completely shut out. Meanwhile, white artists like Adele can be heard on black stations all around the country. It’s really not cool.

  4. I mean it was already fishy to me because literally other artists came out and said that they expect Bey to win. One voter even told HDD that a lot of them were voting for Lemonade. Then Adele just comes in and sweeps? So this adds up.

  5. We’re in the Trump era. They were not going to let Beyonce and Rihanna win in the big categories. Especially not Bey’s album full of black visuals. But it’s cool. Black artists should boycott and let these boring white artists handle all the performances. The ratings will drop significantly.

    1. That’s why I don’t know why we care about it so much. I love Bey but she didn’t need to win AOTY to know that Lemonade is a great album. And Rih knows Work was massive. We don’t need snotty white people sitting on some rigged committee to tell us they’re great. I’m glad Drake gets that.

  6. Yeah so………… From here on out, idc who is performing. I’m not watching. PRAYERFULLY they don’t show up next year. Adele’s speech was sweet but this is bigger than her.

  7. I think we are going to see less and less major black artists go. It’s really no point for them to show up anymore. Especially when most of the little awards they give black people don’t even get aired on the show.

  8. But of course. They will never admit this though. They will say he’s lying and continue business as usual. Stuff won’t change until black people as a whole stop caring and stop supporting the Grammys.

  9. Of course they snubbed our two black queens. In the time of President Trump and his racist supporters, they will take every opportunity to put us in our place. Love Bey and Rih!

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