Rush Limbaugh Calls President Obama a ‘Kardashian’

Rush Limbaugh stirs controversy for his recent remarks about the President in which he calls Barack Obama a Kardashian.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy, in fact, his entire career and existence in the media seems to depend on what is the most disrespectful thing he can say about this nation’s first black president. As election season continues to get more intense, and both the left and right sides of the political spectrum continue to take shots at the other;  it is increasingly clear how desperate the Republicans are to rally up the base behind what most in the party consider to be a lackluster presidential candidate: Mitt Romney.

President Obama, however, seems to have his strategy set on how he will win a second term, and it is clear that most of his campaign will be focused on persuading the same people who supported him the first time in droves to have faith that he can do more for them in his second term of presidency.

Obama will need the backing from the young people, African Americans, Independents, and other  minorities to win over the battle states and be assured to a victory in November. But with the current economy still tanking and a recent job report that has many questioning if Obama has made any impact in the recession, the president will need to find a way to win over the same people that he has disappointed with his message of hope and change.

During the MTV Movie Awards, a commercial that featured very popular actress Sarah Jessica Parker, has outraged the Republican Party. In the commercial, the actress remarks on an upcoming dinner party the president will have with one lucky contest winner. The winner will also have a chance to meet Vogue head honcho, Anna Wintour, with Mariah Carey putting on a concert for the lucky person. While this was nothing more than a way to excite young people to vote for him in November and purely a fundraising effort, the right side sees this as a proof of the president’s continued flirt with celebrity.

Rush Limbaugh took to his controversial radio show to express the general sentiments of those on the right regarding Obama’s obvious play that relies on his popularity to get the young vote:

“He’s becoming Barack Kardashian. He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff, and it’s been building. He is celebrity of the United States. He is not the president, and his whole team is out there pushing this. So it’s Barack Hussein Kardashian is what he has become.”

I find it intriguing that good old Rush would compare Obama to known fame whore Kim Kardashian. Especially since Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a fame whore himself. Everything Rush says on his show is purely for entertainment and attention; he lives the Kardashian creed each day he takes to the microphone to speak on his opinions of current happenings in politics. This is the same man who will say and do anything, like compare Barack Obama to a widely celebrated porn star whose obsession with fame has landed her a television show against the public’s wishes.

So to hear Rush called Obama a Kardashian is so Kardashian and Kris Jenner.

Simmer down Rush, your celebrity shows every time you purposely try to make a headline.


  1. I’m glad you picked up on the fact that everything Rush says is for shock value, and I agree that makes him just like the Kardashians. The sad thing is the people on the right treat this fat bastard like a god. If I was a republican, I’d be embarrassed to have him speaking for me.

  2. Seriously? I’m sure they are just jealous Obama has that kind of connection to Hollywood and the young people. Meanwhile Mitt Romney’s personality is about as dry as Kim’s va jay jay.

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