Did Usher’s Mom Kick Tameka’s Ass?

Since the custody case has been placed on hold, one would think the rumors would too. But for some reason, Tameka Raymond is still a tabloid favorite, and maybe even at one time, a punching bag to Usher’s momma.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In the midst of a very nasty custody battle over their two very adorable little boys, rumors regarding former lovers and spouses Usher and Tameka Raymond, continue to flood the tabloids with all their juicy glory. This latest piece of gossip is a doozy, as it has Usher’s mom sounding like she has the same fighting skills as Deebo from Friday.

It has always been speculated that Usher’s momma Jonetta Paton could not stand Tameka and was not thrilled when her eldest and superstar son decided to marry her. The friction between the two ladies in Usher’s life probably worsened when the singer fired his mother as a manager in what some would agree was a poor career choice.

Immediately after firing his mother, people began to speculate that the firing was due to Usher’s inability to create peace between his mother and new wife. But as Usher quickly discovered, his Mother wasn’t the only one who didn’t embrace his new marriage, neither did his fans. For shorty after embarking in nuptials with Tameka, Usher had his first experience of watching an album flop and watching his singles make no indents on the charts.

Even though the two later divorced and Usher continues to attempt to save his career from the Tameka era, a nasty custody case threatens to ruin the young singer’s image even further as the nasty rumors continue to plague both reputations.

The latest scandal reported by US Weekly suggest that an altercation between Tameka and Usher’s mother came down to blows as the two got into a passionate argument over the children.

The publication claims that after Tameka made a disrespectful remark, Jonetta knocked Tameka out with no hesitation.

While there have been no official confirmations or denials from either party, Tameka has taken to her Twitter account to assure people that she’d never get Deeboed by her former Mother in Law:

“Slow news day…coupled with clearly not knowing me!”



  1. You would think he would have learned something from all of this, and then he just ends up with another old, unattractive, bossy female to “manage” his career when she’s not screwing him. I’m done with Usher. It’s not like he makes good music anymore any way.

    1. Yeah his Mom was the best manager he has ever had and will have. His new music is lackluster and I know this is because he’s letting his little girlfriends manage him. Don’t mess up the formula that made you successful.

  2. Probably not true but it would have been epic to see. Call me crazy but I think Tameka’s crazy behind would put up a bigger fight than that anyway. Only hoodrats spit on folks. So I can’t see this happening.

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