‘Bold & Bougie’ Highlights: Malaysia Pargo & Tameka Foster Put Crystal Smith in the Hot Seat

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After exiting BBWLA, Malaysia Pargo has moved on to “Bold & Bougie.”

Malaysia Pargo‘s exit from “Basketball Wives” was a result of her being frustrated from being the group’s favorite target. Her fallout with Brandi Maxiell had already put her in the hot seat. However, Jennifer Williams‘ claim of Malaysia losing her Atlanta home to foreclosure was the last straw. She decided to walk away and focus on her mental health. While some fans and Jackie Christie were hoping Malaysia would return to the show next season, Malaysia has moved on to “Bold & Bougie.” The WE tv reality show was created by Carlos King. During a recent interview with Carlos, Malaysia said she was grateful that the new show was built around her. And it’s already been a more positive experience than BBWLA.

The rest of the “Bold & Bougie” cast consists of Tameka Foster, Princess Banton-Lofters, Crystal Smith, and Gocha Hawkins.

The season premiere aired Thursday night and people already have a lot to say about the show on social media. One of the highlights is the tension Malaysia and Tameka had with Crystal. Tameka and Malaysia are close to Monyetta Shaw-Carter. Monyetta’s longtime relationship with Ne-Yo ended and he moved on to Crystal. In the past, Crystal and Monyetta have clashed. So when fellow cast member Gocha invited Crystal to her shindig, Tameka and Malaysia realized they would have to meet Crystal and address the elephant in the room.

Crystal Smith was in the hot seat since Malaysia Pargo and Tameka Foster are friends with Monyetta Shaw-Carter.

When Malaysia and Crystal had their one-on-one, Malaysia called out Crystal for not even wanting to say Monyetta’s name.

Crystal responded, “I don’t want to continue to have conversations about my ex, my ex’s kids’ mom…”

Malaysia and Crystal eventually agreed it would be best to just start on a clean slate. Crystal told Malaysia they should get to know each other and form their own opinions.


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Things got really interesting when Tameka met Crystal. Tameka immediately made it clear where her loyalty lies.

“I only know of you…and I’m tight with Mo. So…good. Okay.”

She added, “I’m so loyal. I’m loyal to a flaw.”

In a green screen interview, Malaysia said Tameka was out of order.

“So Monyetta is one of my closest friends as well. And I would never introduce myself to another woman as her friend. I get it. You wanna have your friend’s back, and you want to introduce and represent as such. But that’s kind of weird to me and I feel like it’s almost like a threat.”

Crystal took the introduction in stride and told Gocha she knew this was coming.


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Malaysia Pargo didn’t like how Tameka Foster handled the situation.

As the evening went on, Tameka and Crystal spoke again. Tameka didn’t hold back this time. She told Crystal, “All I’m trying to say is I just remember when my dear girlfriend Monyetta was dealing with her ****, I just remember you guys initially weren’t the best, right? Not initially…”

She continued, “So all I remember is her regarding that. So I’m defensive because I know how that **** feels. It’s ******* rough…now you’re there.”

Crystal told Tameka she wasn’t responsible for Ne-yo and Monyetta’s breakup.

“I was not an instrument in the demise of their relationship. So I don’t feel like I should be penalized because of what happened between them because what I’m going through presently, currently right now is some real ****.”

Tameka responded, “That’s what she was ******* trying to tell you.”

After Tameka said Monyetta tried to warn Crystal about Ne-Yo, Crystal disagreed.

“She didn’t try to tell me nothing. She went through her experience, I’m going through my experience now…”

Tameka stood firm, “That ***** was sending out flares.”

Crystal went on to say it didn’t make sense for women to argue over men who mistreated them.

“I know you’ve felt pain. We’ve all went through pain because of a man. And we battle against each other because of what a man has done.”

Gocha stepped in to have Crystal’s back. She told Tameka, “Whatever they’re going through or whatever the situation is it doesn’t have anything to do with you. You can’t take sides based off that’s your friend.”

Tameka agreed and said it was time for her to call it a night.

“No, no, no. That’s what I’m saying. I feel like I’m out of my business level. It’s time to go. Yeah. Yeah, I love y’all. I’m sorry. And it’s so nice to meet you and I feel rude.”

Tameka’s actions once again left Malaysia baffled, “Tameka, what the **** was that?”


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  1. Malaysia is going to always be Malaysia. Act like she’s innocent and then play ‘victim’. They better watch her. I don’t know her and I don’t trust her

  2. Monyetta is married and she certainly didn’t have any compassion for Drew when Ralph was dogging her out. So Malaysia and Tameka need to have a seat. Monyetta is owed nothing and she was a snooze on RHOA. ✌🏾

    Drag them Crystal!

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