Kola Boof Finally Reveals Why She Broke Up Kimora And Djimon

As the Internet continues to simmer down from Kola Boof’s admittance of breaking up Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou, the author finally reveals why she did it.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Kimora Lee Simmons continues to ignore the speculations that her never made legal marriage to Djimon Hounsou is over, Kola Boof continues to publicly continue her quest for the perfect revenge by revealing each detail of her affair with actor Djimon Hounsou to just about anyone who will listen.

As reported yesterday, Boof revealed to the NY Daily News a couple days ago that she was in fact the reason behind Kimora and Djimon’s separation. When Boof caught wind to a press release written at the hands of  Kimora’s publicist (that could no longer be located on the Internet), she immediately took her side of the scandal to the publication that ran with the separation story Russell quickly shot down as a rumor in his own blog.

During the interview with the NY Daily News, Kola Boof declined to reveal the reason why she was seeking revenge against Kimora in a form of an affair with Djimon Hounsou. The only thing she would mention is that Kimora had done something so heinous to her during her treatment for brain cancer. Immediately after this undisclosed event, Boof decided that the ultimate payback would be ending the several year relationship between Kimora and Djimon that has produced one son and a never made legal marriage ceremony.

Now the award winning author and Bin Laden’s sex slave has finally revealed why she has dedicated the last few years to getting even with Kimora Lee Simmons and ending the several year relationship.

In a recent interview with BeyondBlackAndWhite.com, Boof reveals that the payback originated with Kimora doing the most unthinkable during Boof’s stint with brain cancer:

It all started years ago when Djimon was in a relationship with Kola, and Kola was experiencing some very scary health issues. It was at that time that Kimora started sleeping with Djimon behind Kola’s back. Yep, you got that right, according to Kola, Kimora was the original relationship-wrecker. On the eve of Kola undergoing surgery for brain cancer, Kola says that Kimora came to her and told her point-blank that she had already begun sleeping with Djimon and that by the time the anesthesia wore off from the surgery Kimora would have her man.

Meanwhile, Kimora Lee Simmons is probably tweeting right now how she is too fabulous to worry about what someone lesser than (Kola) has to say about her and why her haters need to just “get yours” and keep quiet. But one has to wonder, what if Kola already, “got yours” Kimora?

Maybe this is the one moment that even being fabulous just isn’t enough.



  1. It’s obvious now that this woman will not be silenced. LOL. But damn, never would have thought Kimora stole him first. I need a bag of popcorn for this one. It’s just too good.

  2. Sorry Kimora, you weren’t fabulous enough to keep from getting bit by that b-tch named Karma, now were you? Chick can tweet her little fabulous 101 lessons all day on Twitter but Mama always said YOU LOSE THEM HOW YOU GOT THEM!

  3. Im not surprised that the vain model chick who married Russell Simmons for money would turn around and screw another woman’s man while she gets treated for Brain Cancer. And y’all shouldn’t be either. You get back what you put out in this here Universe.

    1. Probaby because Kimora was light skinned. You’d be surprised but a lot those African men are just as color struck as black American men.

  4. Kola should be angry with Djimon Hounsou. He’s the one who really did Boof dirty. He stepped out on the during her illness. Now he denies ever know her. That’s why I don’t date African men. They’re good looking. However, I don’t like the way they treat women. I use to think African men were nice, soft spoken and kind. I have changed my mind after having a few run ins with these men. However, there are terrible men of all races and creed.

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