Kimora Lee Simmons Shades Keyshia Cole & Birdman?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day R&B singer Keyshia Cole made headlines because she was arrested for assaulting a woman at Birdman’s condo, and some are suspecting it’s because she’s romantically involved with the Cash Money Records CEO.

Interestingly enough, months ago some were starting to think Birdman had a budding romance with Kimora Lee Simmons, but her ex-husband Russell Simmons shut down the speculation on Twitter and confirmed she’s actually married to billionaire Tim Leissner.

Despite secretly getting hitched, Kimora is still being linked to Keyshia and Birdman’s drama since he professed his love for Kimora on Instagram just months ago.

Kimora tweeted the following hours ago, and some seem to think it’s shade to Keyshia and Birdman:

kimora lee simmons twiitter


  1. You gotta give Kimora credit because she knew Birdman wasn’t the one woman type so she went on and married herself a billionaire. She wins.

  2. Well to be fair, not all women want to be professional gold diggers like Kimora. Some women actually want to marry for love and be with men they love. Kimora knows nothing about that.

    1. I hear you but think about it though. Kimora just realized Birdman was nothing more than someone to have fun with but she married men who are about her business and can upgrade her. Her first husband helped her start a business, Djimon was just eye candy (and they split too because of that) and now her new hubby is a billionaire who works hard and stays out of the media. I’d say she won. Keyshia is out here fighting Birdman’s jumpoffs and Kimora is sitting pretty with her billionaire husband and businesses she got from Russell. That’s game.

    2. I don’t even think it’s all about money with Kimora though. Remember Djimon wasn’t rich and she loved him and had his baby. Kimora just isn’t about that BS. If she sees a man isn’t serious, she moves on with the quickness like a smart woman should. Keyshia needs to do the same thing. She’s losing out here.

      1. Yes! Women do need to stop holding on so long to unhealthy relationships. Keyshia has still not divorced Daniel and she’s probably still not done with Birdman despite catching him sleeping around.

      2. Russell cheated on Kimora before and after they were married it’s documented in a vanity fair article. her gold digging mamma encouraged her to take Russell back. Kimora said that once they were on a yacht and he was flirting with a woman right in her face. Kimora obviously married Russell for money.

        1. Yeah but even though Russell cheated, Kimora didn’t catch a charge over it did she by fighting some random THOT. So yeah, she still wins.

  3. Oh shuck ducky now. All we need now is for Keyshia to clap back on Twitter like she usually does. Don’t let me down Keyshia.

  4. Kimora needs to give Keyshia the education. Keyshia is always fighting over bums and thugs who don’t give a damn about her.

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