A Woman’s Worth: Does He See Your Value?

No one should have to tell your man how special you are…He should see it for himself.

By: Taren Vaughan

As we think good men are hard to come by, a lot of brothers would back me tremendously when I say that we good women are pretty scarce too.Those down-to-earth sisters that really know how to be the supportive partners that they are looking for. Don’t get it confused with being the Ride or Die chicks that some dudes feen for; we don’t serve jail time or repeatedly put up bail money for our men. We just simply know how to be there for them, be those caring individuals that they need in their lives and who they often look to start families with. As it can be easy to spot out the gold diggers and tramps of the world by their actions, attitudes and outward appearances, shouldn’t it be just as easy for a man to recognize a good woman when he meets her? You know yourself that you are a good catch and everyone else around knows it too. But too bad your man doesn’t see it that way. How is that though? Everyone who knows you well and has grown to love the person that you are can see all of the good things in you except the very one that you are actually in a relationship with?

Because good women are a rarity in the eyes of many men, you would think most guys would hold on tight to a good woman if she came their way right? Would do whatever it took to keep her from finding someone else?

That’s how we would believe it to go down. But sadly there are plenty of men out there who don’t even take the time to acknowledge how great their girlfriends or wives are. Never takes a moment out of his day to even say thank you to her for the small things that she does for him. His appreciation only comes out after someone brings it to his attention.

Why does it take someone else telling YOUR man what a wonderful woman they have in order for him to even think along those lines? Shouldn’t he already be well aware of what he has right in front of his face without a constant reminder from people outside of the relationship?

Not to say that you can learn someone’s flaws and good qualities overnight. It does take a minute to see all of these things in the people that we choose date. But it shouldn’t take a lifetime to recognize how good of a person someone is. That all can be figured out within a matter of years, maybe even months if you ask me. Sad part about it is that a lot of times they don’t realize how special you are until you have walked completely out of their lives for good. Then and only then will they recognize what you brought to the table and how good of a catch you were.

Bottom line is that you should never have to convince a man of how special you are; he should be able to see that for himself. He should know all of this about you without using the opinions of his homeboys or family members to fuel his thoughts. They are not the ones in the partnership with you, he is. So if he can’t recognize that you are a beautiful person, both inside and out, you might want to rethink some things. Better yet, you might want to rethink being in a relationship with him period. Most importantly, wouldn’t you want to be with a man who sees you as you see yourself? If you truly believe yourself to be a caring, compassionate, hard working woman, then your man should see you in the same way without someone giving him subtle hints.

Just like Common said, “It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine”. Remember that.


  1. This was right on time for me. Dating someone who doesn’t see your value is one of the most hurtful things a person can endure. It’s just best not to invest too much time in these kinds of people.

  2. It’s the awesome truth. A person came into your life. Either they are there as a blessing or a lesson. I came to understand my worth only after someone came along and made me suffer.This is when I had the moment.The moment of truth. Walk away when you see nothing worthy in the other person. We deserved to be with someone who are just as awesome as we are. Have faith and love ourselves.

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