“When All Hell Breaks Loose” By Camika Spencer

When All Hell Breaks Loose By Camika Spencer

By: Taren Vaughan

Blackboard Bestselling author Camika Spencer puts the real meaning behind the word “drama” with her novel “When All Hell Breaks Loose”. Like most good books, Camika Spencer provides readers with subtle hints as to what is going to happen next. She waits until the very end though to deliver the jaw-dropping outcome of the relationship between Gregory Alston and Adrian Jenkins.

The main character Greg has a lot of positive things going on for him. He had an established career, a close relationship with his friends and a loving family. Most of all, Greg thought that his long standing relationship with his fiancé Adrian was flawless. Little did he know, his “perfect” Adrian was far from that. This woman had some major skeletons in her closet that no one could have imagined. From having a cheating spouse, dealing with an absent mother, and sometimes critical friends, the main character had to overcome a number of personal situations, some of which the majority of readers can relate to.

With most African American novels written by female authors, the focus is on the black woman’s prospective and how we handle our situations. Spencer however takes her readers on a different journey, providing them with a male’s point of view. Even though this book was filled with drama, it definitely had its humorous moments as well. If you are a person who needs that dose of drama with a mixture of a good laugh here and there, then “When All Hell Breaks Loose” is a must read for you.

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