Chris Bosh’s Baby Momma’s Attorney Slams Him on the Radio

Chris Bosh Baby Mama

As the child support drama between Chris Bosh and his baby momma continues, J. Anthony Brown nearly gets into a heated shouting match with her attorney on the radio.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Chris Bosh continues to be under intense scrutiny regarding his extremely low child support payments to his newly unemployed ex girlfriend Allison Mathis despite his estimated 15 million dollar a year salary, the general public continues to be divided (by gender) on who’s right and who is wrong in a situation that is becoming too typical for any black woman who bares the children of a professional athlete. The situation is a shady one as Mathis was Bosh’s former live in girlfriend prior to his current marriage. The two had a daughter together, yet Mathis continued to seek her own income as she sought employment to provide for their daughter once the relationship ended. Things began to take a nasty turn for Allison once she lost her job as a Receptionist, and had to rely on Bosh’s pretty low child support payments of $2600.00 a month, which was not enough to prevent Mathis’ home from facing foreclosure.

And recently, Mathis has even had to file for food stamps, as Chris Bosh’s new wife can be seen daily on the urban gossip blogs sporting $5000.00 designer handbags and exclusive designer duds to Bosh’s championship games.

In a recent interview, The Tom Joyner morning show reached out to Allison Mathis’ attorney Jane E. Carey to get her perspective and take on the entire situation that has left many angry on Chris Bosh’s questionable and obvious favoritism when it comes to providing for his children. Especially since his youngest child, a son he had recently with his wife Adrienne Bosh, was last seen with a diamond encrusted pacifier in his mouth, while his daughter is pretty much homeless and on food stamps with her mother.

Carey said the following during the interview regarding Chris Bosh and his parenting skills:

“He doesn’t care. He hasn’t been decent to my client and his daughter. Chris has a lavish lifestyle and he’s not stingy, he takes care of everybody except Trinity. I’ve been an attorney for 29 years and Chris is the worst person I have ever dealt with!”

And of course, these remarks were met with a very hostile and angry J. Anthony Brown. Peep the entire shouting match below:


  1. Wow. This topic is so intense that no one could be professional during the interview. Even the lawyer was screaming. Bosh is looking real shady on this one. How can he justify only paying $2600 on a 15 million salary? Just shady.

  2. I can’t feel too sorry for his BM especially when Chris Bosh looks like a raptor running up and down the damn court. I doubt anyone would sleep with a dude that looks like an extinct lizard had he not been a professional athlete.

  3. As a man, I can’t even understand why he hasn’t just paid more in child support. $2600 isn’t even enough to support a grown person, let alone a child. This is just wrong man.

  4. This is a touchy subject. I definitely feel compassion for Allison and Trinity however Chris Bosh seems to be handling his obligations as a parent. I wish these two would be able to resolve this issue soon and outside of the eyes of the media.

    1. How is he handling his responsibilities but his baby momma is only getting $2600 a month while he makes millions? No real man would stand for that and as we can see, the NBA is really lacking real men these days. Especially the Miami Heat.

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