Chris Bosh Fires Back at Gay Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh handles his business on the basketball court as his team is working towards possibly winning another NBA championship, but people on social media tend to clown the athlete on a personal level. In particular, his sexuality is the target of numerous memes, and now Bosh is opening up about how he feels about it.

He tells ESPN:

“That’s the venom. For a while, they were questioning my sexuality. They still do. They were questioning my sexuality, questioning my game. And I’m like, ‘Why are they all messing with me?’ I didn’t do anything to anybody. I didn’t do nothing. I just came here to play basketball. And they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s not a real superstar.’ I never cared about being a superstar.”


Bosh then goes on to say he feels folks wouldn’t question his sexuality if he acted like a thug:

“What am I supposed to do? You want me to have cornrows and tats on my neck and just punch somebody in the face when they score on me? It’s crazy. It’s impossible. I can’t do that and play. That’s never been who I am.”


What are your thoughts on Chris Bosh’s comments?


Spotted at Black Sports Online


    1. What kind of mannerisms? Really curious to find out, because my gay-dar has never pinged with him.

      1. I think that gif with him seductively pouring the champagne on himself after they won the championship is what tipped a lot of people’s suspicions. I don’t think he’s homo though. But that gif is funny as hell.

      2. Ah, got it! I just thought he was being an idiot, but I could see how that would cause tongues to start wagging.

  1. I have laughed at some of the memes I’ve seen of him but I never seriously believed he was gay. He has a point though. A lot of people associate being a thug to being straight. And that’s very narrow-minded.

  2. Lol he does always get caught in some questionable pictures lol. But anyways he might not be gay be he is an idiot for marrying Adrienne because that chick is a top level GOLD DIGGER it’s so obvious she doesn’t even try to hide it.

  3. I think he may just be socially awkward and that is why he’s always taking hilarious but very suspect pictures.

  4. Not gay but I hate how he did his baby mama. He’s a real douche bag and that’s one reason I hate the Miami Heat.

  5. ““What am I supposed to do? You want me to have cornrows and tats on my neck and just punch somebody in the face when they score on me?” — Message.

    1. And the irony is a lot of the times it’s the thugs and ones with tats and cornrows who are gay and on the down low. Yet someone who doesn’t wear their pants off their a-s and has some class and perceived to be gay. Crazy.

  6. Truly one of my favorite players and a true professional. Just a solid player and seemingly a good guy. People will hate, particularly people with nothing in their own lives. He’ll be just fine.

  7. I’m kind of glad to hear him speak on this. I always wondered how he felt about all the memes and Twitter jokes. I definitely do not think he’s gay.

  8. i never thought he was gay but he is goofy as hell and those memes are funny as sh-t no lie.a lot of his faces he make people find feminine tho….sure makes some good memes

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