Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama: He Left Me When I Was Six Months Pregnant!

Chris Bosh Baby Mama, child support

Chris Bosh may be celebrating after the Miami Heat won the World Championship, but as more and more reports surface regarding his nasty fallout over child support, he’s not looking like a champion, but a loser instead.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Bosh’s baby mama Allison Mathis is not going to let a championship win quiet her or keep her from seeking higher child support payments. The now unemployed single mother and ex girlfriend to Chris Bosh is struggling so bad financially that not only has she lost her home, but she has had to look to food stamps to keep food on the table for her and Chris Bosh’s daughter.

Bosh is currently only paying $2600 a month in child support payments. According to Mathis’ attorney, these payments were only approved because Mathis did not have an attorney at the time of the hearings. She represented herself, and as a result, the monthly payments have not been enough to keep the bills paid. After be cheating by Chris Bosh (who’s current wife spends more on handbags ), the young woman also got a job as a receptionist, but lost that job recently and is still finding trouble in seeking new employment in a devastating economy.

In a recent interview with Gossip Extra, Chris Bosh’s baby mama gives her side of the story. And apparently, Chris Bosh wanted a baby so bad, he had her undergo fertility treatments:

In her first interview since their daughter Trinity was born three years ago, Mathis says she doesn’t understand why Bosh is ignoring her pleas for help after she lost her job last month, placing her on the edge of foreclosure and public assistance.

Worse: She says Bosh has spent upward of $2 million on a coterie of lawyers to keep his child support payment at $2,600 a month – millions that even the Orange County judge handling their case said would be better spent on his daughter.

“Chris really wanted us to have a baby, that why he had me go to a fertility doctor,” Mathis exclusively told Gossip Extra at the downtown Orlando office of her lawyer, Jane E. Carey. “I followed the treatment and we eventually became pregnant. He was very happy when Trinity was born.”

As Gossip Extra revealed exclusively Saturday, Mathis is the Orlando single mother who applied for tax-funded food stamps because, she says, Bosh’s child support barely pays for her mortgage. The tallhead makes as much as $18 million a year playing for the Heat.

Mathis believed Bosh would marry her when Trinity was born. But she and Bosh broke up when she was six months pregnant, and she eventually moved to Orlando to be with her family.

But Bosh married Adrienne Williams last year, and the couple had their first child last month.

Lawyer Carey says Bosh’s aggressive legal stand started when he moved to Florida in 2010 to join LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Heat.

Allison may not have confirmed it, but it sounds like to me Bosh left her while she was pregnant and moved on to his now wife Adrienne Williams, whose alleged past includes screwing many married professional athletes. She’s also notoriously known for overdressing at Miami Heat games and sporting $5000 handbags on the regular. So you mean to tell me that Adrienne can’t talk Chris Bosh into doing the right thing about his daughter? I guess not, since her past indicates she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Meanwhile Chris Bosh’s son with Adrienne has a diamond encrusted pacifier just because.

Chris Bosh may be a champion on the court, but in real life, he’s sounding more and more like a loser who is playing favoritism when it comes to his kids.

Need proof that Chris Bosh’s baby mama didn’t trap him and that he wanted this baby? Check out the video below that captured the moment they realized Mathis was pregnant:



  1. This story is making me really not like Chris Bosh. Why is raising a $2600 a month child support payment even an issue? His wife is a scum bag too. A real woman would have encouraged her husband to do the right thing! I can’t stand groupies because they continue their gold digging and reckless behavior even after they become wives.

  2. This is just getting out of hand and it doesn’t have to. $2600 is peanuts. He doesn’t have to pay her $30,000 a month, but contribute more to the woman who is raising your child. A child you wanted to have. Makes not a bit of sense to me. This is why women need to stop having babies for knuckleheads they aren’t married to.

  3. This is really sad. And did anyone see how he kind of acted like he didn’t have another child during that Father’s day segment? He never said a word about his daughter. He’s a creep.

  4. Chris is going to regret this one day. That little girl has to grow up and shes going to resent him and her brother. Black men stay losing as fathers, even when they have enough money to provide. It’s crazy.

  5. How do you leave a woman when she’s pregnant though? Really??! That’s cold blooded. I can’t even look at Chris Bosh the same after this. Man it’s just best to wait until you’re married to have babies. At least the court will protect you more when you are a wife.

  6. I don’t know the full story, so I am trying not pass any judgment. But he needs to step up and pay more than he is paying. Rather or not his baby mama was a groupie does not relieve him of his duties of being a man and a father. My father always told me that men don’t duck and dive from their responsibilities and they don’t cut corners. And this man is definitely cutting corners. This is not cool by any means.

  7. Yeah I’m thinking his wife definitely came into the picture around the time he left Allison. His wife looks like she has no elasticity in her cooter. And I really wish she would learn how to damn dress. Who wears cocktail dresses to basketball games? Clown.

  8. I don’t understand why he’s doing this, they looked genuinely happy in the video. There has to be more to the story and it probably begins and ends with his wife.

  9. Honest question ladies. Should a man really have to pay a woman’s mortgage if he’s not married to her? I just don’t really understand why a man has to pay all of a woman’s bills if they are not married. Maybe the amount is too low, but he shouldn’t have to foot every bill she has because they have a child together. That’s the benefits only his wife should get.

  10. she said she cant afford her mortage thats her fault get a cheaper house.His only responsibility is his kid as long as he does right by his baby she can leave on the street.Buy the baby a 1 bedroom house let her pitch a tent in the back.She has no job thats her fault 2600 a month just off him and she doing bad must be on crack

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