Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles…Headed to Reality TV?


Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles is entering the wild world of reality TV with the debut of his show based on an all-girl group from the UK.

By: Taren Vaughan

Former manager of the chart-topping R&B group Destiny’s Child and father to one of music’s most glamorous divas, Mathew Knowles is no newbie when it comes to the music business as he has been deeply rooted in it. Now he has taken on a new project with another all-girl group from the United Kingdom.

The group, “From Above”, consists of five girls (Ashley, Daisy, Seyi (Shay), Chelsey and Monique), whom all are in their early 20’s. Aside from the singing aspect, the girls came to the table with some experience already under their belts like songwriting and dancing, with one of them securing a spot as a dancer on the Kanye West tour.

With this new group of ladies that he is managing, Knowles plans to take their talents beyond studio walls.

The girls will be starring in the show “Breaking From Above”, a reality TV show that highlights the group’s journey to stardom and the ups and downs that they face living and working together as a musical unit.  The group will also be undergoing a singer’s boot camp where they will get the chance to work with notable choreographers, some of who worked with other talents like Janet Jackson and Omarion.

The show has been aired overseas already. And it has been said to be seeing much success which is why Knowles decided to see how it would fair when brought back to the United States.

The show is set to air on Teen Nick next Monday.

Destiny’s Child held it down as far as female groups were concerned during their time. And the group put Mathew Knowles on the map management wise.

Not so sure what this “From Above” group will do for him though over here in the states.


  1. This man is wasting his time. The relevancy of girl groups has been dead for over 10 years. Beyonce went solo at a good time and now she’s reaping the benefits from it. Good try though.

  2. SO is he using the money from this show/girl group to take care of that out of wedlock baby he has? Haven’t heard anything about that baby sense the paternity results. Interesting.

  3. He needs to understand that Beyonce was successful for several factors, and he was a small reason. He seems to think he can do what he’s done for Beyonce’s career for everyone, and as we’ve seen with Kelly Rowland that is just not the case. Girl groups are played.

  4. So does this mean that Beyonce really did cut him off from everything? At one time he would have been too good to make a reality show. Drastic times call for drastic things I guess.

  5. I’ll pass. Never got into girl groups. To much drama and not enough talent. I hope he gets back on good terms with his wife and daughters though.

  6. So this is the girl group he’s been working with for the last few years. I thought it was just a rumor. Don’t sleep on Matty yall he’s still a smart business man. He did more for Beyonce than most want to admit. She’s not as hot now because he’s out the picture.

    1. I disagree somewhat. I don’t think Bey’s career has suffered any since splitting from her Dad’s management. She’s become more human and likeable since the split and my opinion. And her music has even gotten better. Well most of it.

    2. Chile please. Beyonce is still the queen and it has little to do with her father. It’s her talent and image that has taken her to where she is now. Her father has good business sense, but so does Beyonce. She’s good without Matthew.

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