Lamar Odom is a Deadbeat Dad

Lamar Odom Deadbeat Dad


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reports are claiming that Lamar Odom is a deadbeat dad. While it’s been established publicly that Lamar Odom also considered his father a deadbeat dad, most expected the professional basketball player would do everything he could not to end up with the same label. Unfortunately, a marriage to Khloe Kardashian, a family member to one of the most selfish families in America, might pose this a difficult feat for the one time Lakers star. But this seems to be a growing trend among NBA players as Chris Bosh baby mama continues to tell her story to the media.

According to the NY Daily News, parents are shocked and disgusted that Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian attended Odom’s daughter’s graduation, while skipping out on his son’s which was the very next day. The couple did however manage to get in some good photo opps though, since it’s the Kardashian way. Here’s what the NY Daily News is reporting:

You’ve heard of deadbeat dads? Lamar Odom is a photo-op father.

Lower Manhattan public school parents are shaking their heads over the stunt the NBA free agent and his wife Khloe Kardashian pulled when Odom’s daughter and son graduated from their respective public schools last week.

On Wednesday, Odom’s 13-year-old daughter Destiny graduated from I.S. 289 in Battery Park City.

A source familiar with the situation tells us that although the girl’s mother, Liza Morales — who was engaged to Odom from 2000 to approximately 2008 but never married him— initially invited Kardashian to the school ceremony, she had to rescind the offer when, a few weeks before the big day, the school limited tickets to three per family.

That left a ticket for Odom, Morales and Destiny’s grandmother — but not Kardashian.

For some reason, the source says, Khloe was determined to attend, and the source claims, in the days leading up to the graduation, Odom and Kardashian’s camp lobbied the school for an extra ticket.

“The school held its ground,” says our source. “But, on the day of the graduation, Khloe showed up anyway and they let her inside.”

This was after the couple was photographed walking hand-in-hand to the graduation ceremony.

Photos of the couple with Destiny at the graduation ceremony can also be found on the Internet.

“It is going to be a HOT day in NYC today!” Kardashian tweeted on Wednesday. “Lamar and I are excited though!!! It’s graduation day for his babies!!!”

Well, not exactly. Our source says that Odom’s 10-year-old son L.J. graduated from the same school’s fifth grade on Thursday.

“What was sad was that after bringing Khloe uninvited to his daughter’s graduation, he didn’t even show up for his son,” says the source.

“They got their photo-op the day before and then he couldn’t be bothered. It was beyond hurtful,” says the insider. Other parents “couldn’t believe it.”

Lamar Odom Deadbeat Dad


Of course Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s publicist lied and said the two stars attended the graduation. Not so says the son’s very disappointed uncle:

“I was there and sitting in the back. Lamar was not there,” says Liza’s brother, Nathan Morales.

He adds that L.J. “was a little disappointed but ultimately he was okay because he spent his time with his friends and his mother.”

Asked if he could offer any explanation for Odom’s absence from his son’s milestone, Nathan said: “Because there were no paparazzi there.”

The publication also reports that Khloe Kardashian flew back to LA immediately after Lamar Odom’s daughter’s graduation, while Odom stayed in town and was spotted partying Saturday night.


  1. I don’t do the Kardashians, but no one needs to blame Khloe for Lamar being a crappy dad. He missed his son’s graduation because he wanted to. As a man, he needs to want to be there for all of his kids. Not the one Khloe fancies the most.

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