Tami Roman Slams Sports Announcer for Defending Khloe Kardashian + Drags a Troll

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day a sports announcer defended Khloe Kardashian amid criticisms that her relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson is hurting his performance in the NBA finals.

Tami Roman hopped on social media recently to express why she feels it’s a problem.

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  1. Khloe is a white woman at the end of the day. So she will always be defended whereas I’m sure this same announcer didn’t say sh-t when Ayesha was blamed for Steph losing last year.

    1. He’s actually pretending Ayesha’s head wasn’t placed on a stake last season. After those tweets, she most certainly was blamed for Steph losing and not playing well.

  2. I rolled my eyes when he said that. Khloe has been with multiple athletes. Comparing her to Ayesha and Savannah, women who have been with their husbands since high school is ridiculous. Meanwhile Khloe has made screwing athletes a career and means to staying relevant.

    1. lol o-la YOU’RE RIGHT the very last part of your post is LOL and true, as we know she is not relevant damn PUTA. all her plastic surgeries to have her version of a Tall “Perfect bod”for HER, is still not making her gorgeous nor beautiful at all and i am glad another b-ball player is saying what they are saying about her trifflent self. despicable. she getting too old in her thirties now to still be “out there”the way she is. LOVE TAMI

  3. Tristan’s scrub a-s has one good game this series, and now they’re erasing her hoeness? Man talk about having the complexion for protection.

  4. But actual athletes have said she hurt their careers. I think they’re in the right position to know better than anyone else.

  5. This is one of the few times I have to agree with Tami. And race is definitely a factor. It’s the same reason Kim was able to get on the cover of Vogue. These women keep getting passes for things black women could never get away with. Amber Rose too.

  6. I see nothing but facts were tweeted by Tami. The Kardashians get a lot of second chances. But these black athletes need to smarten up because they’re the reason they have been able to remain relevant as long as they have. There’s always some fool ready to keep them in the spotlight. Tristan is a clown.

  7. Amen. She kept it 100 and that man who was in her mentions is probably the typical black male Kardashian defender.

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