Rapper Khia Throws Shade At Lil’ Kim On Twitter

As Lil’ Kim continues to beef with notable rap artists, Rapper Khia comes out of the woodwork and joins in on the Queen B bashing.

By: Taren Vaughan

Every time you turn around, somebody somewhere is going in on Lil’ Kim. Whether it be a male or female artist, taking shots at the pint-sized rapper from Brooklyn has become a popular thing to do amongst notable new school rappers. The beef between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj has led fans to pick sides and has ignited an old beef between her and Foxy Brown.  Harlem newcomer Azealia Banks found no problem coming at Kim either, saying that Lil’ Kim is no longer legendary. All the negativity that is being thrown her way hasn’t stopped the Queen B from firing shots back at those who stay talking trash about her. While the list of Kim bashers is growing, another female rapper can now be added to it.

Most known for her 2002 track “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”, Rapper Khia came off music hiatus and took to Twitter to take multiple jabs at Kim:

“Much Love Team Khia but really I could careless about Kim Little I really want her 2sit on my couch &cry her face off I’ll help with repairs,”

And you know she had to do like the rest, call Kim out for not writing her own rhymes and short changing the ones supposedly behind her lyrics:

“I write my own sh*t & I sell it out the back of my trunk with No deal No label & No promotion & I got your loyal haters full support thanks”

“That I have a problem with I think her ghost writers dislike her more then I do 4 not paying them their money I don’t have those problems”

Khia goes on to tweet that she has no true beef with Kim, but she does however have a problem with her reconstructed face and lack of self esteem:

“It’s Funny how Kim Littles Stan’s think I have a problem with her lol I don’t have a problem with her it’s her face and her low self esteem.”

So is dissing Lil’ Kim everybody’s come up now?



  1. Why is this woman still garnering press? I do not believe there is a soul out here, that isn’t related to or knows her on a personal level that can stand Khia.

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