Tyler Perry Plans To Do Sci-Fi Movie ‘Alex Cross’

Madea Angry

As his movies are mainly known for their comic relief, Tyler Perry is about to completely flip the script and star in his very own science fiction film.

By: Taren Vaughan

With his new movie Madea’s Witness Protection set to hit theaters this Friday, Tyler Perry is already planning for his next project. And it sounds as if Mabel Simmons will be nowhere to be found in this one.

Ditching the comedy aspect that his films normally have, Perry is on his way to writing a science fiction movie. Although the majority of his plays and films bring laughter amongst viewing audiences, Perry admitted that he has always had a fondness for science fiction films:

“I love sci-fi, I love the ‘Alien’ franchise,”

What sparked Perry interest in doing his very own sci-fi film was his dislike of one of the most recent ones to hit theaters, Prometheus:

 “I was very disappointed with ‘Prometheus,’ but I love that whole franchise. Those are my favorite movies. I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now.”

Perry also had taken on a minor role in Star Trek in 2009. But said at that particular time, he wasn’t confident in his ability to pull off a sci-fi flick on his own:

“I’m not that kind of guy,” “I don’t have the creative eye or understanding.”

Perry will take on the lead role in the film titled Alex Cross based on the James Patterson novels. The film will star Actor Matthew Fox as the serial killer that Cross is trying to pursue and phenomenal actor Morgan Freeman. The film is set to be released on October 19.

Can Tyler Perry pull off a sci-fi movie or does he need to stick to playing the wisecracking, troublemaker Madea?


  1. “I was very disappointed with ‘Prometheus” >>>> Well that’s how most of the people who don’t eat chitlins feel about your movies Tyler.

  2. I really wish Tyler Perry would make more quality films. I’m glad he’s doing his thing and all, but he’s not very good at it.

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