Publishing Company Threatens to Sue Raz-B Over Book Which Claims Chris Brown is Gay

Chris Brown is Gay

By: A.J. Niles

After claiming Chris Brown is gay, Raz B seems to be entering a serious legal bind of sorts. Not only is Chris Brown threatening to sue him, but the publishing company that he is claiming will publish his book is now issuing a cease and desist letter, forcing him to say that he is not publishing a book through them. Raz-B, formerly of B2K, is rumored as having an upcoming book that will be making some shocking allegations. Some of the most shocking claims are centered on Chris Brown’s secret lifestyle. Raz-B is said to reveal in the book that Chris Brown is gay, and said to make claims that he had an ongoing affair with singer Andre Merritt. The Company, Corona Sky Productions, sent Raz-B the cease and desist request, through their lawyers on June 25th. In the letter, the company claims that press releases and other statements enticing that they were publishing his tell-all book defamed their character. The statements, which Corona Sky claimed defamed them include:

1. You unlawfully informed the public that CORONA SKY PRODUCTIONS would publish your biography, This Boy’s Life. In truth – neither CORONA SKY PRODUCTIONS nor any related entity had any intentions on releasing any project by DeMario Thornton. 2. You consistently tainted the image of CORONA SKY PRODUCTIONS by exorbitanting these claims for your own financial gain.

Raz-B used his Twitter account to issue an official statement addressing the letter.

Enough is Enough! Everyone feels the need to speak on my behalf. Corona Sky Productions is just one example of someone I don’t know who is talking about a fake book I didn’t write The only person authorized to speak for me is my long time publicist, Elayne Rivers. I am writing a book, about my life etc. Chris Brown is in it,, and a bunch of other people. The things I have to say are not in any way defamation of chartcher. The rumor excerpts are not from my book. When we are ready to officially address the book, Elayne will send out a release I feel bulled by all these media out lets who speaks lies without get facts first Inculding Chris brown . My integrity and respect I have for my peers I would never do noting like this.

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  1. I knew he was lying. I wish this child would go sit down somewhere. He won’t stop until he gets sued or hurt. He’s playing with fire. Lying on people never ends well.

  2. LMBO this is getting stupid. So he conveniently just skipped town and hid out in China the day before the “news” hits the blogs? Chile bye. Ain’t nobody lying on him. He got caught lying and needs to deal with it.

  3. I don’t think he’s lying. I think he got out numbered and had to back down. The truth is the truth and it will eventually come out.

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