Rihanna to Karrueche Tran & Draya: I’m a Real Model, F-ck Your Fake Modeling Careers

Rihanna karrueche tran twitter beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Rihanna Karrueche Tran twitter beef continues. If you’re like any one of the millions that follow Rihanna for her daily Twitter rants and epic shade throwing, then you know that Rihanna doesn’t throw shade for no reason. In fact, when she usually does throw shade, it’s usually to ex boyfriend Chris Brown’s girlfriend of two years Karrueche Tran. While Karrueche Tran has been one of Rihanna’s favorite victims for Twitter beef, his ex girlfriends aren’t off limits either. Draya, who’s sole relevance is tied into her stint on Basketball Wives isn’t safe from Rihanna’s mastered skill of epic wig snatching cyber style. Sure it’s 2012 and Chris and Rihanna seem to be cordial again, but that doesn’t make the Rihanna Karrueche Tran twitter beef null for the feisty pop singer.

Last night, Rihanna snatched more wigs and scalps after a fan tweeted Rihanna a congratulations on nabbing yet another magazine cover and fashion spread. Rihanna seemed mighty proud to be on the cover of Bazaar, but she also needed to drag Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran and ex girlfriend Draya since both are “models” who can’t seem to actually be caught dead modeling…unless anyone is counting Instagram uploads.

Here’s Rihanna’s tweet which eventually set off hilarious responses from Karrueche Tran and Draya:


rihanna karrueche tran twitter beef


Of course, both responded accordingly. Draya SEVERAL times:

rihanna karrueche tran twitter beef


rihanna karrueche tran twitter beef


rihanna karrueche tran twitter beef


Leave it to Twitter to make being messy even easier for celebs and their pseudo famous enemies.



  1. I like Rihanna’s ratchet azz but she ain’t no model either. She’s a SINGER and gets model covers because of her popularity. Had this still been the era when models were placed on the mag covers before celebs were, she wouldn’t even have anything to throw shade on Twitter about. She takes great pictures but she’s not Tyra Banks, Naomi, etc. Not even close. And Draya has the longest box shaped face I’ve ever seen. She needs to stop trying to be a model.

  2. LOL why the hell is Rihanna so pressed? If you’re so fly and so much better, than why even throw shade? She may be pretty, but she’s really insecure and clearly not over Chris, the same person that whooped her a– for the entire world to see. I don’t think I’d take time out of my day to tweet insults to the girlfriend of the same guy who pummeled my face in the car and left me there on the side of the street like worthless road kill.

  3. This child needs to move on from this whole Chris Brown thing. She’s starting look just as pathetic as his girlfriend now. Let it go.

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