So Does This Mean Rihanna Is Not in the Illuminati?

rihanna illuminati

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna has been accused of being a devil worshiper and Illuminati princess ever since she made the controversial music video to her hit song Umbrella. While we haven’t made too much fuss over the whole Illuminati thing, I’ve always found it quite odd that people took everything they saw on Youtube to heart. Regardless, Rihanna never really seemed to let the whole devil worshiper thing phase her much. Instead, she made sure she uploaded plenty pictures of her smoking weed and shooting up the middle finger and in a model-esque swag daily instead. And we simply love that about her.

Recently, we are starting to see a softer side of the pop star after the passing of her grandmother. Although she is currently on a yacht and vacaying with close friends, she still has made plenty time to tweet and perform drunk and high on stage in front of children.

And instead of tweeting about her her alcoholic tendencies and throwing shade to Chris Brown’s current and old boos, she actually took a little time to praise God and tweet the lyrics of one of her favorite Gospel songs by Mary Mary:

rihanna illuminati

rihanna illuminati

rihanna illuminati

Of course Rihanna went back to her old self quickly after and tweeted her usual thug life tweets, which usually consist of her uploading pictures of herself being high with girlfriends.

Regardless, it’s just good to see Rihanna tweet about God and let the world know that despite all the BS and money problems, she’s still happy and living life the only way she sees how. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is on top of the world too, as his latest album Fortune debuted at number one. I guess all that ranting and demanding your fans to buy your albums on Twitter really did pay off.


  1. I never believed the Illuminati rumors anyway. Why would pop stars have all the power? I mean really. Plus anyone can go on Youtube and make a video to make you believe either side. That’s what the blogs do every day.

  2. I never bought that devil worshiper crap either. I agree with Queen. Like who the hell is Rihanna anyway? Why would she be so special that she would be the princess of the dark club? I don’t get the logic behind those rumors. The real powerful people don’t make music. They run the banks and the government, and they don’t need Rihanna to do or say a damn thing to stay in power.

    1. That’s because they are using her as a puppet to get you to side with them. Instead of the government doing so forcefully. Think about music controls people and once you have them mentally you can get them to do an believe whatever especially when it’s someone you admire and want to be. Look at it from different point of view. People will do and give up anything even sacrifice for money and fame. There’s a good and evil to everything. You don’t know what go on and is said behind closed doors. God is the ruler of the universe but the devil is the ruler of the world meaning earth. That’s why it’s important to keep your faith and a relationship with god.

  3. I’m so glad she’s finding some happiness after the recent loss of her granny. But am I the only one that sees this as kind of like shade to Breezy? It’s kind of like hey I’m happy and I’m good without you type of thing. Maybe I’m reaching but it seems that way to me.

  4. I blame Chris Applebaum for it all. He’s the one who directed and came up with the concepts of the video. Rihanna only acted with it, just as most major music artists are expected required to do.

  5. doesnt matter wat anybody says about rihanna, makes no difference to me, what she does with her life is her business not mine, not anybodies elses for that matter. i just love her, her music, her style actually everything about her concerning music

  6. Honestly, I think it’s just to get more attention in the media like: ‘She does this!’ Or something like that.
    Besides, what do you get from the crappy devil, he’s just a moron who doesn’t like god.
    We all know that we were given gifts from God and that’s that

  7. I think she is in the Illuminati the only reason is because they had an interview and she even said it although i <3 rihanna she is really confusing in man down wearing cross sign but in other doing the signs -still confused-

    1. Rihanna u need to get the fuked out of That satanism illuminate. God up above Is judging u all. The devil Is using n deceiving for fame n money. Believe n trust in god n Ur wau Will be known

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