Lady Gaga Fan Confronts Nicki Minaj at the Airport!

Nicki Minaj Lady Gaga Beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj might have a successful music carer, but unfortunately with that success comes lots of drama for the Young Money starlet. And Nicki’s last few months have been nothing more than dramatic, with her most recent beefs stemming with Hot 97 and even some fashion designers who have gone as far as allegedly blacklisting the female rapper from their fashions. Regardless, Nicki doesn’t seem to let a little beef keep her from making her paper, and she seems to take all the negativity in stride. Too bad some of Lady Gaga’s fans are so damn persistent, and on guard at the airports these days.

Recently, after getting off a flight for business, Nicki ran into a very angry Little Monster and surely one of Lady Gaga’s most loyal fans. An unsuspecting Nicki Minaj began to proceed to walk past the fan when the the young man began to yell at her and accused her of copying Lady Gaga. And of course, he got it all on video.

To make matters worse, it’s been suggested that Nicki Minaj made some inappropriate remarks to the Little Monster, while some even suggested she called the young man a b-tch for following her and staging the confrontation. We listened and watched the video a few times, and we didn’t really hear that. But you be the judge:


  1. This can’t be real! Why do people go so hard for the celebs! They don’t even know you exist! I didn’t hear Nicki call him a b-tch, but she sure needed to. He was way out of a line and too damn passionate about someone he doesn’t even know in real life.

  2. That\’s good for her dumb untalented a–! She is really too abrasive and annoying. Who gives a *blank *blank about Lady \’Gargle` and \’\’Be-yond-annoyance \”…all of them need to just go away!!!!!

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