Don’t Try to Come for Oprah on Twitter Because She’ll Drag Your Ass

oprah winfrey twitter beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Twitter isn’t a safe place for celebrities. It’s the one place and the one social network where the non celebrity has full access and the ability to say whatever they want to Hollywood’s finest. And because of that, it’s unsurprisingly become America’s favorite place for haters to take shots at celebrities they really don’t like. While most celebs will just ignore the nasty mentions, some celebrities like Rihanna, have become professionals at snatching wigs off in one tweet. It’s not surprising that Rihanna has mastered it so easily, but who would have thought that Oprah Winfrey could check a b-tch? The other day, Oprah put a hater in his place for questioning her philanthropy efforts. He was the typical miseducated black person who seemed to buy into that nasty rumor that Oprah has done nothing for the black community. So when he asked Oprah what she’s ever done for the ghetto, Oprah read him like one of those Harry Potter books.

Peep the tweet and the slay courtesy of Oprah Winfrey:

oprah twitter beef

Owned. Maybe this is the perfect lesson for Twitter haters. If you’re going to come after a celebrity on Twitter, you better make sure you have your facts straight first. Because if you don’t, chances are depending on the celebrity, you may end up getting your wig snatched in front of millions. Scalp too.

School ’em, Oprah.


  1. I’m glad she said something. I can’t stand when people like that ask celebs what THEY are doing to help black people when they themselves aren’t doing a damn thing to help. It’s so much hypocrisy in the world and people need to stop acting like only rich people can contribute to society.

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