Gossip: Is Bow Wow a Deadbeat Dad?

Bow Wow is a Deadbeat Dad

By: A.J. Niles

Countless women today have to deal with being a parent to a child with an absentee father. In particular, black women are raising children as single parents at an alarming rate. Black children being raised without a father being a positive figure in their life is a serious contributing factor to many issues we see with black families. So it is disappointing to hear of black celebrities not being fathers to their children. This is such the case with rapper Bow Wow.

Bow Wow recently had his first child with a woman named Joie Chavis (@missjoie). Joie is a model and appeared in various music videos. The two had the child last year. When the child was born, Bow Wow and Joie seemed to be a happy couple, using various social networking sites to showcase themselves to be proud parents.

Well a year later, and all does not seem to be pleasant. Bow Wow, who is currently signed to YMCMB, is now being accused of being just one of countless men who are not taking care of his one-year old child. It was already revealed that Joie had to go back to modeling to bring in money for herself and the child and now it seems her sister is voicing concerns.

Joie’s sister, Najah Chavis (@missnajah) blasted Bow Wow and Bow Wow’s mom on twitter July 31st.

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Bow Wow has yet to refute these claims or even address these accusations publicly. What is interesting to point out is that Bow Wow’s mother Teresa raised Bow Wow as a single parent. One would assume that she would want to push Bow Wow to be more of a father to his child and future children than his father ever was for him.



  1. SMH. Did she have to tweet all this? Be a grown woman and make some calls. I’m tired of people airing out their business on Twitter. Bow Wow is broke. If her sister wanted to be impregnated by a rapper, at least make sure he’s still a relevant one. She’s stepping up and taking care of her daughter and that’s commendable. But this right here is childish. There’s a legal way to handle all of this.

  2. No Whats Not Rellevant Is How RUDE She Is Being If Thats Her Mom And He Aint Doing Sh-t Thats How Its Gone Be She Need To Worry About Her Damn Self If She So Upset Maybe She Should Go Get Pregnant How The Fu-k You Gone Get Pregnant And Think He Just Gone Pay For Everything

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