Bow Wow Lays It on Thick for Angela Simmons

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There’s been a will they or won’t they situation between Bow Wow and Angela Simmons for years.

Growing Up Hip Hop” stars Angela Simmons and Bow Wow have a very long history. They dated when they were young. But even though the romance didn’t work out, they were able to become friends. Since their friendship has been maintained despite all the changes in their love lives, some fans have been thinking that it’s just a matter of time before they give the romance another try. At one point, it seemed like Angela was in a love triangle with Romeo Miller and Bow Wow. This led to Romeo eventually leaving “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Bow Wow and Angela have discussed their future multiple times, but ultimately they figured that they would be better off just staying friends. Bow Wow even told fans they should move on and he supported Angela when she dated boxer Daniel Jacobs.

Well, Angela’s relationship with Daniel didn’t work out. And Bow Wow has people thinking that he may once again be changing his mind about his ex.

Recently, Bow Wow had a Millennium Tour stop in Atlanta. Apparently, Angela came out to support. And Bow Wow’s recent actions on social media have some fans thinking that Angela is back at the forefront of Bow Wow’s mind.

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