Tameka Raymond Denies She Made Claims That Usher Faked Sympathy For Kile

Tameka Raymond and Kile Glover

By: A.J. Niles

Tameka Raymond decided to post a statement on Global Grind as a response to and refute various items published by TMZ recently which claim Usher’s distraught over Kile Glover’s death is fake and a ploy to win the custody battle.

To begin, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the countless number of people who opened their hearts, extended their prayers, well-wishes and remained hopeful for my son Kile during the last weeks of his life. I truly believe that he has always been an Angel from birth and the World was just too small to contain a spirit so vast. I’m thankful and blessed to merely be the vessel that carried him and humbled that God gave him to us to love. I also feel humbled by everyone’s show of concern, and knowing that Kile Glover touched the lives of so many has given me strength during my worst & darkest hour … Again I THANK YOU ALL!

Sadly, I remain in the unfortunate position of having to respond to and attend court proceedings that were not initiated or begun by me. I did not file this custody case (January 2011) and was content with the ‘joint custody’ arrangement that we share.  Most importantly, nor do I wish to appear in court while I am mourning the loss of my son. But I do not want to delay thus prolong these proceedings either; I’d rather continue this arduous process hoping it will help move me through this most difficult period in my life.  People seem to be privy to only my filed responses as ‘Defendant’ to the initiation of this case (Jan 4, 2011), when I have only been defending myself and protecting the best interests of my children through my counsel. I cannot control how the media reports are written/slanted/spun or even how court documents may be manipulated in their attribution of certain statements as if they are direct “quotes” from me- yet I can control what I actually say myself.

This may sound really cliché but you must NOT believe everything you read or hear and never judge… especially without solid facts and always, but always consider the source. Discernment is key. My boys are my entire world and I will fight tooth and nail to keep all of my sons together as a family, I pray for a swift, peaceful resolution so that we all can move forward.

Again, thank you for your concern, positive energy and hope for my family during this surreal time. There have been times when just the right words, at the right time, have provided me shelter through this storm and I appreciate you all. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

TMZ originally published an article claiming that Tameka feels that Usher’s request to delay the hearing is nothing more but “simply a transparent sham.”

In Usher’s request, Usher claims he’s worried the hearing would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children “in the immediate wake of this tragedy.”Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son.  Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him.

As of now, the next hearing in their custody battle is supposedly August 13th. After what happened to Kile, are we crazy for thinking that both Tameka and Usher should just drop the custody battle and just agree to joint custody?


  1. Usher should just drop the custody battle in light of what happened. I may feel this way due to emotion or what not but If I lost my son or daughter, I could not deal with a custody hearing immediately. They should be able to deal with custody issues outside of the courts anyway if they are mature, responsible and placing the well-being of their children before their personal feelings.

  2. I do not like either Tameka or Usher but I feel for them during this low point in their lives. Losing a child is never an easy thing to deal with. I agree with Tammi that they need to stop with the custody foolishness. To continue this now is in poor taste.

  3. So let me get this straight. You release a statement denying statements that were taken from official court documents? Hmm… Something just is not right here.

    1. I think you are reaching for straws here. TMZ have exaggerated things in the past. It is very plausible that this may have happened here.

    2. Did you not see how TMZ handled the whole Jackson family drama from last week? They completely lied about Janet and Paris, and Janet had to sic her lawyers on them. They made a retraction yesterday. TMZ is nothing but the white MTO. They lie all the time. I wish all these blogs would stop giving them credit and running their lies because it makes them look just as bad as TMZ.

    3. I am so sick of people tearing down Tameka. The woman just lost a child, and not even 2 weeks later the blogs are right back to the usual BS of posting lies made up by TMZ to make this woman out to be a monster and Usher some victim. I am absolutely fed up with this predictable behavior. And these black bloggers (black women especially) run any story that’s negative about Tameka because they can’t stand her. Where is the compassion? And the only thing fishy about the court documents is their existence. Why hasn’t TMZ uploaded a copy of these documents? Because they don’t exist.

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