Gossip: Is Kirk Getting The Boot on LHHATL for Diamond and Soulja Boy?

kirk replaced by diamond soulja boy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Kirk Frost being replaced on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta for Soulja Boy and Diamond? You got to love the always increasing Love And Hip Hop Atlanta rumors. If people are talking about the Reunion show rumors that involve a K. Michelle and Rasheeda fight, Lil Scrappy proposing to Erica, and rather or not Benzino and Karlie Redd are still together; they are making speculations about the next season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Although Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee were all it took for Diamond to turn down an invitation to join this season’s cast, many suggested that she could be a done deal in the upcoming season. Now that Diamond has officially gotten back together with Soulja Boy, there are reports suggesting that Kirk will be replaced on the show by Diamond and Soulja Boy.

Here’s the report:

Rasheeda and her hubby Kirk Frost have been ride or die for each other for years but the stress and pressure of the show is slowing tearing their once strong relationship to shreds.

I heard several months ago that Kirk really wasn’t feeling the way he was being portrayed on the show and that he almost immediately regretted signing up.

That being said, Kirk will always continue to stand by his wife when it comes to her career goals and the pair would rather split up on air than in “real life,” so guess what that means?

Rasheeda stays and Kirk goes.

Kirk isn’t willing to play the reality show game so he’s stepping back in order to let Rasheeda shine.

So is Kirk Frost going to be replaced by Soulja Boy and Diamond next season? FALSE. Kirk may not like the negative attention he’s getting from the show and the doormat husband labels he’s been getting from viewers, but he has no plans to leave the show. And Diamond has already said repeatedly that as long as Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee are on the show, she won’t be signing up. Plus neither Diamond nor Soulja Boy seem to need the reality TV cash, considering that Soulja Boy has several big business ventures coming up and Diamond is doing quite well with her music these days.

Anyway, Kirk even addressed the rumors on his Twitter account:


kirk getting replaced on love and hip hop atlanta for diamond and soulja boy

And there you have it.


  1. I love Rasheeda and Kirk. They are boring as hell compared to everyone else on the show, but I feel like they bring that positive balance. I will say sometimes he’s seems a little suspect. I guess he’s just a little feminine or just really in touch with his sensitive side?

  2. I like their story line and all but why does Kirk have to always pout his lips like a chick on camera and in every single picture he’s in? He’s really not trying to help the gay rumors I see.

  3. Please Love And Hip Hop was the best thing that happened to the both of them. Rasheeda needs the show and he’s supportive enough that I couldn’t see him ditching it because of something so trivial like the criticism he’s getting. I think they have been together long enough to know how to silence out the people outside their marriage.

  4. I think the both of them need to walk away and work on their marriage without the cameras. They have some issues that obviously need to be dealt with. And for goodness sakes, Rasheeda please put the mic down and let this rap thing go. It didn’t pop off a decade ago and won’t pop off now.

  5. Kind of off topic, I don’t think it’s fair that people want to blame Rasheeda’ s failure on Kirk. She’s a pretty chick but she’s not that compelling as an artist. Her rapping skills leave much to be desired and she makes very terrible music. Marry Me is the most annoying rap song I’ve heard in a while. Hell it’s worse than Nicki Minaj’s garbage she keeps putting out.


  7. I doubt they are replacing anyone honestly. Everyone so far seems to have a compelling story line. I’m not saying Diamond and Soulja Boy wouldn’t, but there’s really no need to replace anyone.

  8. For all Kirk knows, Mona may be in the process of getting rid of him and Rasheeda. They are dry compared to the others. Besides, we all know how sneaky Mona is. LMAO!

  9. Kirk is a good guy! I’m not sure why they are making him out to be otherwise on the show. But hey, maybe that’s been the theme of LHHATL. All men are bad. Right? SMH.

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