Rasheeda & Kirk Frost’s Children Cause Chaos at the New Pressed Location

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Kirk Frost and Rasheeda are struggling to maintain the family business.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been very open on the show since the first season. Their marriage has been tested many times. And they almost pulled the plug after Kirk fathered a son, Kannon, outside of the marriage. It wasn’t easy for Rasheeda to process any of this. She also struggled to get along with Jasmine Washington, Kannon’s mother. However, they were able to get through the difficult time. These days Kannon is around the family often. And Kirk and Rasheeda are now seen as “goals” for others on the show.

On the current season, the source of stress for the couple happens to be their own children.

They have opened a bistro and a chain of clothing boutiques. To make it a family business all around, the children have been hired to help out at the bistro. It’s been a lot of drama because the girlfriends of their sons can’t get along. At one point, a full brawl went down at the venue. And Rasheeda and Kirk realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to hire their children and significant others to help out at the bistro.

Things actually worsen on the season finale. In a preview, the siblings end up in a shouting match after one of their girlfriends decides to stir the pot at the opening of the new Pressed location.

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