Chad Johnson is Released By the Miami Dolphins After Domestic Dispute

By: A.J. Niles

Chad Johnson just saw things go from bad to worse this evening. The Miami Dolphins decided to part ways with the veteran Wide Receiver after he was arrested and charged with domestic violence. This revelation was first reported by Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer via his Twitter account.

According to Sports Illustrated,

Johnson posted $2,500 bond Sunday and was released from jail after his wife, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada, accused him of head-butting her during an argument in front of their home. The dispute simmered after Lozada found a receipt for a box of condoms, The Associated Press reported.

Earlier Sunday, Philbin said he hadn’t yet spoken or met with Johnson. He had warned Johnson a couple of days earlier about his behavior after Johnson liberally used profanity during an interview opportunity with reporters.

“We’re going to deal with this at the appropriate time. We’re not going to waste time. … We’re all in this thing together. Everybody that sets foot in this building, we’re all held to a high standard.”

Chad nor Evelyn have taken address the incident to the public. Chad and Evelyn Johnson have a reality show premiering on Vh1 this Labor Day. Still no official word from Chad or Evelyn regarding the controversy.


Check out footage of Chad’s bond hearing in Miami.



  1. I want black men to see what happens when they diss us to the public and start dating these exotic chicks and white girls. THIS is what will happen to most of them. They hook up with them and lose everything. Kanye, you’re next.

  2. I think they should have waited this out before cutting him. Especially if Evelyn is rumored to be saying she think sit was all an accident. What a shame. And yeah, his career is over. No other team would touch him now.

  3. I feel bad for Chad and Ev right now. Yeah he was wrong, but their marriage ended before it really even started. The worst part of it all is that he’s never really gotten in trouble like this before. Such wasted talent.

  4. We can only go by hearsay, but Chad should have been faithful in all honesty. No matter what a woman says, we want our man to be faithful to us. He needed to grow up and he didn’t. Because he didn’t, he lost his career and he will most likely lose his brand new wife too.

  5. Sad situation, but it could have been prevented. I’ll never understand why people get married just to cheat. You do bad, expect karma to find you. It’s really that simple. I don’t see this marriage overcoming all of these events.

  6. Can’t say I feel sorry for either one of them. Evelyn was tossing wine bottles at people, and Chad dissed black women on national tv, they get no sympathy here.

  7. It appears as though vh1 has decided to pull the show from the schedule. Looks like that’s history too. They are both losing in this situation….

  8. Dolphins Will Lose All 16 Games This Season.. Ocho Wouldnve Helped Becuz Dolphins Sux Anyway! Some Gr8 Team With A REAL MAN Organization & Nothin 2 Lose Gonna Sign Him Prolly A Year L8r, Afta He Get His Bald Head Back In That Film Room. Theyll Keep Him Level.
    REAL SH-T: Itz Dudes Currently In The League Whoze Reputations Are 85 Times Worse Than Chad’s Right Now & They Still Playin. Only Becuz Their ORGANIZATION Aint Circuses. Miami Dolphins Organization Aint Bout Nuthin…

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