Brandi Maxiell, Evelyn Lozada, Brooke Bailey & Others Returning for BBWLA Season 12?

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The newbies struggled tremendously during the latest season of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” fans had a lot of opinions about the recent season. As we reported, Evelyn Lozada returned to the show for Season 11. She previously departed due to the controversy surrounding her feud with OG. At the time, Evelyn said the show had become too “negative” so she no longer enjoyed filming. Interestingly enough, BBWLA newbie Brittany Renner had the same sentiments last season. She said Evelyn and the other OGs were hypocritical and she didn’t like the way they treated fellow newbie Clayanna Warthen. Evelyn and Brooke Bailey said the issue was the newbies came on too strong. And they caused the tension the group was experiencing.

Clayanna ran up on Jennifer Williams (Evelyn jumped in) and later got into an altercation with Brooke in a later scene. When Clayanna’s actions were called out, Brittany decided she had enough of the group. And she was exiting the show because it didn’t seem like a good fit for her.

Vanessa Rider also said she would not be returning for the next season. She took issue with how scenes featuring her and her husband Isaiah Rider were edited. So Vanessa told her Instagram followers months ago that she would not be signing up for another season of “Basketball Wives.”

Brandi Maxiell is back?

Amid the show’s hiatus, reports have been going around about the Season 12 cast. Blogger Spilling BBW Tea posted updates on X. Recently, they reported Brandi Maxiell is returning. Readers probably recall Brandi departed the show after she clashed with former bestie Malaysia Pargo. Malaysia recently told Carlos King that her fallout with Brandi was very frustrating. And the situation prompted her to exit “Basketball Wives.”

The blog also reported Evelyn, Jennifer, Brooke, Jackie Christie, and Jac’Eil Duckworth are also returning.


    1. It’s hilarious and sad they don’t think we can see what they’re doing. The show will keep failing as long as they keep enabling Evelyn.

  1. I just want to know if they will be addressing the Shaunie Sugar Momma drama! Shaunie allegedly smashing bro two weeks before her marriage to Pastor deserves some coverage. Ya think???

    1. Girl, you know that will not be mentioned. If they want to make them coins. Shuanie is quick to get rid of them for having the same energy towards her that she and Evilyn have towards them.

  2. Is this because Malaysia is now GONE! No don’t do any one any favors. Remain off and cancel the show period. And in that order

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