Audio of Chad and Evelyn Johnson Domestic Dispute 911 Call is Released

chad and evelyn 911 call audio

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad and Evelyn domestic dispute situation continues to make headlines, as people ares till trying to understand how the brand new married couple has lost everything in just about 3 days. After being arrested for head butting Evelyn, Chad Johnson was dropped from the Miami Dolphins, and VH1 just announced that they were dropping the couple’s upcoming show Ev And Ocho. And yesterday, it was also reported that Evelyn has decided to move forward and press charges on Chad Johnson, causing many to speculate that their marriage is pretty much over and an annulment being in the near future. Regardless, there still has not been any official statements made yet by either Chad or Evelyn.

Late last night, the audio of the 911 call that was made to report the incident has been released. And this morning, the audio is making its rounds on various publications.

In the video, the caller, who is actually Evelyn and Chad’s neighbor, called the police to inform them of what occurred between Chad and Evelyn. It has also been confirmed that this is the same neighbor’s home that Evelyn allegedly ran to on foot to escape Chad as he chased her in his vehicle.

Here’s some of the things the neighbor says in the 911 call:

“I don’t want the police to come with their lights on, but I just want them to come until everybody calms down.”

Regarding Evelyn’s injuries:

“She has a nice cut on the forehead that I believe is going to need stitches.”

And on why he wanted to keep the press out of the situation:

“He’s a very high profile person so we’d like to keep this as quiet as possible.”

Check out the 911 call below:


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