Gossip: Mariah Carey Isn’t Too Thrilled About Nicki Minaj Possibly Joining American Idol

nicki minaj and mariah carey beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Carey just made headlines recently for being announced as the newest judge on American Idol. The superstar was sought as a replacement for fellow singer Jennifer Lopez, after she revealed she would be leaving the show in addition to Steven Tyler to pursue another US tour. And although the negotiations for Mariah’s salary for the show was rumored to cost a little controversy in her marriage to Nick Cannon, both seem to be adjusting to Mariah’s return back to work as she’s made it clear that she’s very excited to be a part of the hit talent show on Fox. And although things were looking good for Mariah’s debut on American Idol, now a new surge of rumors could be causing a little drama on the new gig the singer was so thrilled to have. As multiple media sources have reported a couple of days ago, rumors suggest that female rapper and pop star Nicki Minaj is in talks with producers to confirm her spot as a judge for the upcoming season. And according to the latest gossip, Mariah Carey is not amused. At all.

Here’s what they are reporting:

Things are getting interesting on “American Idol.”

Rumors are swirling that Mimi, as Mariah Carey is called, is not so happy that New York City rapper Nicki Minaj might join her as a judge on “American Idol.”

News broke Monday that Minaj was in talks to become a judge on the singing competition, joining pop diva Carey, who already agreed to be a judge on the show.

A person close to Minaj said the 29-year-old entertainer has been in talks to judge the TV competition and that a deal is in the works.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because that person was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter.

Minaj — known for her colorful hairstyles, wardrobe and antics — is best known for hits like “Super Bass,” ”Starships” and “Turn Me On” with David Guetta.

Carey finalized the deal to join “Idol” last month.

But now, entertainment website TMZ is reporting that unidentified sources close to “Idol” have confirmed that Carey, 42, is not a happy camper because she was told she would be the only female judge.

Nicki’s camp has yet to comment on the speculation, so the rumors of her to be in talks with producers to join the show are just that for now.


  1. Mariah mad because she wants to be the only female. How bout be upset because nikki isnt even qualified to judge talent? Seiously how long has she been relevant?

  2. Are they serious? They better not make Nicki’s talentless a– a judge on a damn talent show! She hasn’t even been in the industry for 10 years, and all the other judges have had YEARS of experience under their belt. I am so tired of Nicki and I really wish she would just go away. Unfortunately, this new generation of idiots will continue to keep this terrible music relevant. Sigh…

  3. Wait…this is a joke right? LMBO, Nicki has no REASON to even be considered to be a judge. So I guess the rumors that American Idol is on its way out are true then.

  4. LOL I don’t blame Mariah for being pissed. I was going to watch the show for her, but if Nicki’s going to be on it, I’m good homie. I’m good.

  5. I’m not sure why they are trying to get an artist who has not really proven herself to be a judge on this show. Nicki has only had 2 albums, and honestly, she still doesn’t have a true identity as an artist. She’s nothing but gimmicks and I still don’t get her as a singer/rapper. She’s taken the image of several different artists and ran with it so much that I still haven’t seen an original bone in her body. I wouldn’t get a carbon copy to judge my show about talent. Copying doesn’t take talent.

  6. LOL @ that picture. Bish tries real hard to look like what she does takes hard work and vocal power. Take that auto tune and Momma Dee wig collection and sat down.

  7. Well they did have Paula Abdul’s non singing behind as a judge for years…so what’s the problem now? Let Nicki do her and get money. No need to be so damn bitter yall. lol

  8. Let me make a comment before this thread gets hijacked by “barbees,” ( I meant to spell it that way). Although their a–es should be in school…but anyway, Nicki doesn’t need to be a judge. She hasn’t paid enough dues and she’s too new in the game to be trying to school up and coming artists. She’s only 2 albums in. What the hell does she know? Simon must be on bath salts.

  9. I love yall until a Nicki post goes up…b-tches. LMAO. But here’s the real. Nicki might only have 2 albums out as yall would like to keep bringing up, but she achieved success in a way shorter time span than most artists have done…ever. She’s two albums in and already the top selling female rapper of all time. She has made history several times and she only has 2 albums. So yeah, say what you what, but that alone makes her qualify for judging American Idol. Oh and Jay-Ho couldn’t even sing. She’s a damn dancer! Let Nicki who has way more talent get the gig!

  10. Oh and please stop it with the shading of the younger generation, it’s not like yall had better music. You people can be so full of yourselves. And Lil Kim’s career is over, she rolls blunts and makes sandwiches now. Deal! 🙂

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