Tameka Confirms Usher Called to Taunt Her About Taking Their Kids From Her

tameka raymond usher phone call child custody case

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As more facts about the Tameka and Usher Raymond child custody case are revealed, some suggest they are seeing a darker side to the R&B singer that the majority of the media continues to hide in exchange for labeling Tameka Raymond as nothing more than a gold digger fighting for the return of her Saks card. But those that attended court to hear the arguments are speaking up and presenting the facts that mainstream sources continue to leave out. One of the rumors I had been hearing over the course of the last several days is that Usher is so convinced that he’s going to win sole custody of the former couple’s two sons, that he even called Tameka 24 hours after the closing arguments were made and taunted her about losing the boys. This however, wasn’t reported on the blogs and mainstream media organizations, however, the story of Tameka getting her Saks card was pretty much everywhere. We’re trying to figure out why some of the following details weren’t.

So here are the details of the Tameka and Usher Raymond child support case they are not reporting.

Anyway, here’s what they were saying Usher called to tell Tameka, which Tameka claims she has recorded for proof:

“How does it feel to lose custody of your children? One day, I will tell my boys that they once had a mother.”

Allegedly, Usher had no ideal the conversation was being recorded.

Tameka confirms the conversation:


tameka raymond usher phone call child custody case


Another interesting piece of information is the child support issue. Many blogs have inaccurately reported that Tameka  is seeking an $11,000.00 increase in monthly child support payments. She’s actually seeking $3000.00 more. Tameka also revealed in court that Usher bringing his girlfriend Grace Miguel to the house was a set up:

Tameka further testified about the altercation she had with Usher’s girlfriend, indicating that Usher had brought the girlfriend to Tameka’s house in an effort to incite Tameka. Although she was not evasive like Usher, Tameka was often combative with Usher’s attorney. When asked about her feelings, Tameka explained that she was frustrated and angry at being in court and that she had “begged” Usher to drop his case against her so they could work the issues out. She testified that Usher has refused. Tameka asked the court to increase her child support from $8,000 per month to $11,000 per month based on the increased expenses surrounding the children’s needs.

Why Tameka says she can’t effectively co-parent with Usher:

Tameka also testified that it is very difficult to co-parent with Usher given that he is hardly ever in Atlanta and given that he mostly ignores her attempts to communicate about issues concerning the children. Tameka testified that she did not believe their young children should live on the road with Usher because his lifestyle on the road consisted of drugs, sex and other vices. She stated that she wanted her children to have as normal a life as possible and that Usher was the world-famous entertainer, not their children.

We recently reported here that Tameka’s former BFF testified against her and called her a bad mother. Here’s why her testimony might have been considered weak by the judge:

Linda Brock-White was another witness presented by Usher. Ms. Brock-White was a “bombshell” witness – – not because of her testimony, but because of her status. Ms. Brock-White is the godmother to Tameka’s children, Kile (who recently passed) and Ryan, from Tameka’s first husband, Ryan Glover. Not ten days prior to taking the stand, Ms. Brock-White had returned from a respite island vacation taken with Tameka and her children to mourn Kile’s passing. On direct examination, she testified that Tameka was terrible mother who never spent time with her children and expected everyone else to care for her children. She also testified that Tameka was bossy and treated people poorly. Ms. Brock-White further testified that she and Tameka had not had any type of argument or disagreement that would motivate her to testify against Tameka. But, on cross-examination, Ms. Brock-White admitted that she and Tameka had in fact argued while on the recent vacation and that the argument had caused Ms. Brock-White to depart early from the island. Ms. Brock-White also stated that Tameka was not entitled to mourn for her son who had been buried six days prior to the respite vacation. I believe that it was at that instance that Ms. Brock-White lost all credibility.

And finally, here’s more information on Usher’s testimony, regarding his mother, drug usage, and ability to have sole custody of the boys:

Of course, Usher testified. He testified and he testified and he testified. For three days. Usher testified summarily to his skills as a parent and to Tameka’s lack of parenting skills. He testified to Tameka engaging an altercation with Usher’s current girlfriend. Usher repeatedly testified to his belief that it takes a village to raise a child and that he, unlike Tameka, had “a village” to assist him in caring for the children. According to Usher, his village consists of his mother, his grandmother, his aunt and his nanny. But, on cross-examination, Usher admitted that his relationship with his mother was rocky at times and that he had cursed at her, calling her a “motherfucker.” He also admitted that his grandmother and his aunt do not live in Atlanta; they live in Chattanooga and commute to Atlanta every time Usher has custody of his children. He further admitted that his grandmother is in her eighties and that she was responsible for allowing a person into Usher’s home who was subsequently issued a restraining order for stalking Usher. Usher admitted on cross-examination that he is absent from Atlanta more than half of the time and is going on tour overseas to Europe for two months at the beginning of 2013. He acknowledged the authenticity numerous photographs of him engaged in partying while on tour or performing and acknowledged that he had refused to take a drug test in this case. Overall, Usher’s testimony was evasive and he appeared to have been coached.


Some people are suggesting the big time media sources did not stick around to even hear Tameka’s testimony.

We really have to give props to HipHopEnquirer.com for doing such an amazing job on covering this case and not being biased in the process.


  1. So she’s only asking for $11,000 a month? That’s a lot lower than people were saying. I thought she was asking for like $20,000 a month the way these bloggers keep labeling her as a gold digger.

  2. I peeped game about how the media and blogs treated Tameka a long time ago. Money goes a long way and Usher will do what he has to in order to destroy Tameka. It’s sad but it happens everyday when these men have the money.

  3. And I just want to add that the Saks card is NOT a credit card! It’s a discount card that helps people save on purchases. I have one. lol

  4. I used to hate Tameka, but I realized that most of this stuff is just propaganda. Usher will go broke if it means he will forever ruin Tameka. I don’t know what she did or knows, but he is out for blood. This alone is what has stopped me from supporting him anymore. I can’t support a man that hates any woman this much.

  5. Man Tameka is still going to lose this case! You Tameka Stans need to go have several seats. Just writing this trash just to fail at making Usher look bad or influence the Judge.

    1. You do know that this was written by a reporter who was actually there right, or are you so busy in your hatred that you can’t think for yourself? I really wish people would stop letting the paid media shape their thoughts about people and situations.

  6. Man Tameka and Usher need to quit with this silly trial. It is especially real grimy and petty that Usher had the nerve to taunt Tameka after her son passed away. Quite trifling.

  7. I think Usher is not going to win this case. I don’t care who he knows. Rarely will men ever be granted sole custody. This might end up being wasted time.

  8. Not surprised! I know Tameka comes off crazy as hell, but she’s just a normal chick who has been pushed too far. Anyone in her shoes would snap. But Usher is foul for this stuff right here. And the whole time they have been making it out to be about a Saks card. smh!

  9. This is kind of off topic but I just don’t understand how any WOMAN can be celebrating another woman losing her kids to a man that we all know has paid for this victory. Plain and simple, this whole thing is messed up. Joint custody would have been the right thing to do and that is what Tameka was going after. But people wouldn’t know that because they believe anything Usher’s camp pays these blogs to write. This is why I really appreciate this blog and the 2 others (sad, but only 2) that are publishing all these other sides to the story. And if you’re not over 50 years old with masculine features, ladies please believe Usher isn’t checking for your a–. Stop stanning for this evil mama’s boy.

  10. Hey everyone let\’s not forget Tameka …is sharing custody of Ryan Jr… this lady is very reckless…don\’t think she is so perfect…look back before there was a Usher in her life….and God has the power over any money….so if that is how he won….then he didn\’t win at all and that decision will be revised..Google her read how her ex husband Ryan, says she is distrubed also….don\’t listen to the reporters they don\’t know…they only report what they want too…where is the proof that Usher called her…just show the phone record

    1. Keyword, she’s “sharing” custody, which means she can’t be THAT bad of a mother. And no there’s no beef between Tameka and her ex. Nice try though. smh

  11. I’m not sure how much of this report I believe…. what I do know is that a judge believed Usher over Tameka. Tameka is not innocent and she is not a victim. I think it is clear that Usher put the children first which was not evident with Tameka. Tameka’s is on the last minute of her 15 minutes, and hopefully she will stop making news soon.

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