Mariah Carey’s Beef With Nicki Minaj Over ‘American Idol’ Gets Ugly

nicki minaj mariah carey beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj beef brewing? Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj used to be on good terms. They even made a song together before the Young Money star went on her way to international pop stardom, however, these days sources are saying the two might be at odds over Nicki’s possible new stint as a judge on American Idol. As we recently reported here, rumors suggest that Mariah Carey is not thrilled  and has beef about the possibility of judging talent show contestants besides Nicki Minaj. Originally, it was said that Mariah did not like the idea of Nicki joining the show, simply because she was told originally that she would be the only female judge on the panel. But Nicki’s increasing popularity and die hard fan base mostly composed of an younger audience might have just been too attractive for producers of the show to pass up. Apparently, they have been in talks with Nicki Minaj to get her to agree to join the upcoming season of the Fox hit show. And Mariah, well she’s pissed about it. And now Mariah’s friends are talking about the beef.

Here’s what one of them told And we peeped some major shade:

“Mariah would love to have her dear friend Lenny Kravitz sit next to her on the American Idol judge panel. She thinks he would be the perfect choice because he is extremely talented and knows music inside and out.

Nicki on the other hand isn’t established enough to qualify as a judge.

Mariah wants a panel of bright, inspirational and constructive judges. Not some freak show! Mariah thinks Nicki will just be a distraction and it will all be about her and her outrageous behavior. Mariah will NOT be happy if Nicki joins the panel and she has let the producers know just how she feels!”

Ouch. Regardless of what’s being leaked to the press, Mariah Carey still hasn’t publicly said a word about Nicki possibly joining her on the show. And as of this morning, Nicki hasn’t signed any contracts still, nor has her camp confirmed or denied any of the reports.



  1. I just left the white sites and they were talking about this too, and they were CLOWNING the hell out of Nicki. She might have a big fan base of youngins’ but the adults are willing to boycott the show if she joins. If Simon was smart, he’d axed the whole idea. This is about to get real ugly and Mariah ain’t even the worst part about it. Folks are PISSED.

  2. A “freak show?” The shade from Mariah’s friends is unreal. But I bet Simon will use the tabloids to spin this controversy into new viewers.

  3. LOL so what is Mariah having her friends do the dirty work? I don’t even think Mariah has to worry about this because it sounds like the deal isn’t going to go through because of all the outrage Nicki possibly joining the show has caused. I just read not too long ago on ABC that the deal has been stalled on Fox’s end. The feedback has them scurred. lol

  4. I knew this was going to happen. Nicki sold her soul to become a big star and now it’s biting her in the a–. You don’t lose yourself to gain temporary success. She won’t even have a decent legacy because her image is so laughable. Now people are about to boycott the show because they don’t take her seriously.

  5. Why would Nicki be chosen to judge singers when she can barely sing herself? Simon, what is wrong with you!? We know X-Factor is your new baby but just cancel American Idol than have Nicki become a judge. SMH…

  6. NEWSFLASH: Nicki is what the show needs. She will bring them that young audience and she will get the spot despite Mariah’s over dramatic antics. Like I said, the music industry has changed, so why not have someone who had found success in a very different business than what Mariah knows? Nicki can teach the contestants lot of things Mariah can’t.

  7. I have mixed feelings about this. Mariah’s friends need to have several seats but I am not sure if Nicki has the ear to judge singers. If this was a rap contest then I could see it but not with a singing contest.

  8. i think nicki is a good choice.dont nobody want to see mariah’s old a– in them tight clothes that her daughter should be wearing.nicki can bring a younger audience 2 the show.mariah doesnt even have a career anymore;its washed up.the show needs someone with a career and has a large young audience which mariah clearly doesnt have anymore.mariah isnt even a woman;its a man named Albert.:)so all those people hatin on nicki can go 2 hell and take Albert wit ya.:)#teamnicki

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