Usher Raymond Gets FULL Custody of His Kids, Tameka Devastated

usher full custody

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In some very breaking and not yet confirmed by the big media sources news, we have just learned that Usher has been granted full custody of his two sons that he had through his marriage with Tameka Raymond. As we recently reported, this case was unfair from the beginning since Usher’s attorney has a close friendship with the judge who presided over the case. Tameka was seeking joint custody and a $3,000.00 increase in monthly child support payments. Unfortunately, the judge decided to strip Tameka Raymond of all her custody rights. This decision is just a month or so after Tameka lost her young son Kile due to a terrible jet ski accident.

Usher, who is allegedly heartless, even called Tameka last Friday, about 24 hours after the closing arguments were made to taunt Tameka about taking the kids. In a conversation that was unknowingly recorded by Tameka at the time, Usher made the following comments to an already grieving mother:

“How does it feel to lose custody of your children? One day, I will tell my boys that they once had a mother.”

We are still waiting for an official confirmation from the Atlanta news sources, but has been pretty accurate thus far, so we are inclined to also believe this information.

In the meantime, read here to catch up on the gritty details of the case, and the things Usher didn’t want the public to know. We have a feeling this isn’t over, especially since Tameka can appeal and also has a copy of Usher’s taunting recorded.

Update: It’s been confirmed. Usher was granted parental custody. And Tameka does plan to fight against the judgement. Looks like that little conversation she recorded is about to do some damage.


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  1. This is a shocker! I was thinking Usher was going to fall flat on his face with this one. He is wrong for doing to this to her and he knows it. That woman is not crazy. SMH…

    1. She had the option to postpone this trial. Usher even submitted a motion to do that. She chose to go forward thinking that she could pull the sympathy card and win this case. I am truly sorry for the lost of her son, no mother should have to endure that., but she should have taken time to grieve. Instead she was on Twitter bashing Usher’s girlfriend. How could they possibly co-parent if she chooses to show out every chance she gets.If she had only let the man see his kids when he wanted to….this custody issue could have been prevented.

      1. And you should be salty too since you have Usher’s sweaty balls all in your mouth. Have a seat and stop believing everything your music god pays the blogs to publish. I’ve had enough of women like yourself. #dismissed

    1. This isn’t evil; just how the courts work. You have to have money to pay for top lawyers in order to win your case.

    2. It was proven in court that Tameka is mentally unfit to raise Usher’s sons. Those children will have a safer livelihood with Usher now.

  2. I don’t like Tameka, but I can’t agree with this. Joint custody was fair. How can he take away her sons after she just loss one? Cold hearted bastard.

  3. Oh no. People just need to pray for this woman. We don’t know why Usher is so hateful towards her, but this is just so extreme. I don’t think I can ever buy another album of his at this point.

  4. I knew my boo Usher would win this over that crazy Tameka. It sucks she lost one child to an accident but honestly, Usher will be the better parent for his two sons.

  5. Tameka clearly has a screw loose. Look at the way she goes off on people and exposes all of her business on these social websites. I don’t blame Usher at all for seeking custody

  6. I don\’t see how Usher is the bad guy in all of this. Had she been given full custody it would have been business as usual and there would have been the usual transfer of wealth from him to her… but he’s bad because he got custody? He loves his children too. Or cannot men love their kids in your opinion? lol! I for one am VERY happy he has full custody. He is the one best suited to raise and support them. I hope he puts her on child support as well as requests supervised visitation for her. You asked for equality and this is what it looks like.

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