Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Gets Small Victory in Child Support Battle

chris bosh baby mama

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Bosh and his baby mama are still at it. Usher might have had a victory against Tameka Raymond in their nasty child custody and child support battle, but it appears that Chris Bosh may not be so lucky when it comes to his heated battle with former girlfriend and baby mama Allison Mathis. As we previously reported, Allison Mathis is currently seeking an increase in monthly child support payments, as it was revealed that Bosh is only paying his former girlfriend $2,600 a month, despite raking in over 16 million a year with his hefty NBA salary. Allison’s story made headlines recently because she had been laid off from her administrative job, and even lost her home to foreclosure. She even revealed that the NBA player left her for his current wife when she was six months pregnant. Despite that, Chris Bosh has stood firm in refusing to make an increase in the child support payments to his baby mama.

The last thing reported was that Chris Bosh would attempt to claim Texas residency, so the $2600 monthly payment would stick and not be challenged or increased by the courts. Welp, looks like Chris Bosh may need a backup plan and his baby mama might get the upper-hand. According to reports, he’s having a rather harm time swaying the judge into agreeing that he’s a resident of Texas.

Here’s the report:

Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh was grilled for nearly two hours in an Orlando courtroom this afternoon by lawyers and a judge trying to determine whether the power forward is a Florida resident.

Clad in an impeccable blue blazer and white pants, Dallas native Bosch was contradicted over and over again. And, at times, he was made to look like a liar by the attorney who represents Bosh’s baby mama in what’s been a three-year battle for the custody and financial support of their 3-year-old girl.

At one point, the tall-head was reduced to reading from the mortgage papers he signed for his $12.5 million-Miami Beach home.

After claiming repeatedly that he is a Texas resident, Bosh read out loud an affidavit he signed in 2010 to obtain the mortgage from Deutsche Bank. The affidavit was to swear he had the intention to make his North Bay Road home his primary residence — and therefore become a Florida resident!

So why is Bosh, who’s been playing for the Heat for two seasons, so adamant that he is a Texan through and through?

If baby mama Allison Mathis is able to prove that Bosh really lives in Florida, Orange County Judge Robert Evans could then order Bosh to pay much more in child support.

How much? Try $30,000 a month instead of the $2,600 a month that a Texas judge ordered him to pay three years ago!

In another surprising revelation, voting records admitted as evidence showed Bosh — an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama – did not vote in the 2008 presidential election!

Bosh’s voting because an issue because citizens vote in the state they consider to be their home state.

“I did mail in a ballot,” Bosh told Jane Carey, Mathis’ lawyer.

“How could you,” Carey countered. “They purged your name from the rolls.”

“I guess it was just a mistake,” Bosh replied.

Records showed Bosh, who remained unflappable and patient all afternoon, re-registered to vote in Dallas County two weeks before today’s hearing!

Story developing.


  1. This whole story is sad to me. He only gives her $2600 a month. That’s peanuts. Do the right thing Chris. I’m not saying it has to be $30,000 a month either. But $2600? Come on.

  2. $30,000 a month though? No wonder he’s fighting so hard against this sh-t. This woman does not need $30,000 a month to take care of their child. He shouldn’t have to pay her to be a stay at home mom. Ridiculous!

  3. LOL wow. I wonder what happened between these two. No offense, but he’s kind of trying to pull an Usher too. Men that go through this much to make women suffer are suspect to me. Both Usher and Chris seem like they bat for the other team anyway, so I guess none of these behaviors should be surprising.

  4. SMH. Chris Bosh is so damn dirty. I would say it pays to just wait til you’re married to have a man’s kids, but you saw how Ursher did Tameka. :-/

    1. tell me something if he was just an average joe would his wife then ask for so much how much money do you need to take care of a child that has food on the table, clothes, and a roof over their head. the woman was greedy from the start would she done the same if he was making 30 thousand a year the woman just don’t want work no more and show her child she is independent. what cud a child do with 30 thousand in one month

      1. Umm $2600 is peanuts! Even a grown up struggles to pay their bills bringing in $2600 a month. And Chris is not the average joe, he’s a millionaire and he should have thought about who he was boning before he ASKED her to have his child. Yep, ASKED her. Do some research before you call this woman any name. And that’s the problem, the child does NOT have a roof over her head because the BM lost her job and can’t even afford to pay daycare and the mortgage anymore. Because again, $2600 ain’t cutting it. I don’t feel bad for any of these rich a– athletes who choose to sleep around because they have the money. But that’s right, athletes can be h-es. But let’s tear down the women who sleep with them. Since it’s always the woman’s fault. smh!

    2. The problem is woman have been doing this type of stuff for years. Research Kevin Johnson of the New York Knicks. He was forced to pay 30,000 a month. These guys aren’t stupid anymore and fighting these gold digging woman, is what needs to be done. I applauded him for fighting. He spends time with his daughter and you can’t put a price on that. The little girl doesn’t want for anything. The baby mother thinks she deserves a plush lifestyle. These b-tches better wake up and educate themselves and get a damm job.

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