Another Fire Breaks Out at Tyler Perry Studios, Again Only Four Months After The First

tyler perry studios fire

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Something is definitely going on at Tyler Perry Studios. Although the successful producer continues to churn out box office hits at theaters across the world, it appears as those he’s got some major enemies frequenting his studios which is headquartered in Atlanta. Not too long ago, Perry made news four months ago as it was reported that his studios had caught on fire. There were talks about an investigation to follow, and the cause was undetermined. Some time after that, a disgruntled former employee sent us a tip about Tyler’s questionable treatment of his employees, primarily his production staff. It’s no secret here in Atlanta that there are many former employees with a bone to pick with Tyler Perry. Most of the issues seem to stem from low pay and the uncomfortable working conditions they say are nothing more than Tyler’s alleged ego issues and inability to show any appreciation to his many employees. And not too long ago, the producer also made news for firing many of his long time production staff that were with him when he was nothing more than a playwright. So the tip we got wasn’t a surprise. But the person did suggest that it was possible that these fires aren’t mistakes, but probably payback from other former employees of Tyler Perry.

Well, it appears that Tyler Perry Studios has caught on fire, again.

Here’s the report:


Atlanta firefighters battled a small blaze at Tyler Perry Studios on Monday.

According to firefighters, the fire appears to have started on one of the roofs at the studio located on Continental Colony Parkway. They say there were no evacuations, and no injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



  1. You know, I wouldn’t put anything past old employees. If he’s not paying the writers, there’s no telling how far people would go to get back at him. It’s a shame he has all that money and is cheap as hell with the people who helped him get there.

  2. This is what happens when you don’t want to pay people fairly. He’s super rich and stingy when it comes to paying his workers. I doubt this was an accident, and neither was the first one. He’s buying Oprah and Gayle Bentley’s but paying his writer minimum wage. Not cool.

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