Cause of Second Fire at Tyler Perry Studios Released Following Investigation

tyler perry studios fire

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Tyler Perry Studios has undergone another fire in a four-month time span. The last fire occurred sometime in May, with an investigation following which cited that the cause of the fire was undetermined. Yesterday, it was reported that the studio had caught on fire for a second time, and it was also revealed that another investigation would soon follow to determine the cause. We have always told you we found the first fire a little suspicious, only because it has been said numerous times that there are many people who have a bone to pick with Tyler Perry. One of our readers, who  is an alleged former employee of Perry’s, also sent us a tip about the questionable work environment of Tyler Perry Studios. The complaints stem from very long hours, terrible pay, and getting rid of the key people who helped him achieve his success. And it was in that tip that the person revealed that they believe the first fire was intentional.

Well, the investigation for the second fire was wrapped up and a cause has been released to the general public and media organizations.

Here’s the report:

Fire investigators have determined that “careless smoking” caused Monday’s fire at Tyler Perry Studios in southwest Atlanta.

The fire was the second blaze in recent months at the studios on Continental Colony Parkway.

Atlanta Fire Department spokeswoman Marian McDaniel said the latest blaze was confined to a roof of a building at the complex. The building was undergoing repairs to the roof when the fire broke out, McDaniel said.

The building did not sustain any structural damage and no injuries were reported, McDaniel said. It was brought under control in less than an hour. No criminal charges are pending at this time.

The fire was apparently in a three-story, 100-by-200-foot building. Video from the Channel 2 Action News helicopter showed about two dozen firefighters on the roof of the building.

In early May, the exterior of a building in the 30-acre complex was heavily damaged by fire. The interior of that building sustained some water damage.

It was not immediately known whether the building on fire Monday was the same building that caught fire on May 1.


  1. I am glad no one was hurt in this fire. To have two fires on your property is devastating but this is noting but the devil trying to get him.

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